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"Hm fine then.

What separates you from me?" Midoriya asked again.

"I'm training to be a hero, you're a villain.
I'm trying to stop you" shinsou replied.

"Yeah and I'm trying to stop you, what makes us any different.
We both have our own goals and you're getting in the way of them like I am.

What's your goal to being a hero?
What's the reason?

Is it spite?
At the end of the day, why bother saving people?
It's never made sense to me why people put their lives on the line for people who are bound to die anyways.

What will you do if the person you save ends up killing someone?
Technically speaking, it'd be your fault that you didn't let them die.

I know your story.

Your quirk is labeled "villainous" just because you can brainwash people and get what you want.
But if you think about it, all quirks are villainous.

Kacchan's explosions could be used for terrorism.
Kaminari's electricity could easily be used to kill.
Kirishima's hardening could also kill people.
Sero's tape could choke people to death.
Koda's animal speech could be used to make vicious wolves maul people to death.
Aoyoma's Lazer is lethal on its own.
Uraraka's zero gravity could send people falling to their dooms.

You see where I'm getting at?

People are scared of what they can't control.
Those quirks I listed could easily be countered but your quirk?
It could come when least expected.

And that's what scared them.

They were scared of your strength.

So why not show them how strong you really can be?
You have the perfect villain origin story, why not become what they all said you were and rub it all In their faces?

It feels like you're trying to become a hero out of spite rather than become a hero because you want to be a hero.

You aren't the hero type.
You like cats, coffee, and sleep.

You do things out of pure spite, nothing else.

So I don't see why you bother trying to become a hero.
It isn't fit for you" Midoriya explained.

He had opened shinsou's eyes to a whole different kind of light, a sinister door opened before him.

Shinsou just stared at the ground stunned, questioning why he had been trying so hard up until that point.

"It's just some food for thought.
But hey, think about it. If you decide to become a villain I'll be waiting." Midoriya said as he disappeared into his own shadow.

Shinsou just stared at the ground, distraught.
Everything Midoriya had said was pretty much true.

He was becoming a hero out of spite...
He never actually wanted to be a hero...

But after everyone calling him a villain he wanted to prove he wasn't that.
So he tried to become the opposite despite it not being what he wanted to be.

" did he know so much...
And why was he right...

What if this hero stuff really isn't for me..
Up until this point the only reason I've been training to become a hero is to prove to everyone I'm not a villain and so I don't disappoint them...

But why am I so worried about what people expect out of me...
If I didn't worry about what they wanted out of me I wouldn't have worked so hard for a falsely earned spot...

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