Chapter Fourteen: Cupid's Gone Crazy

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After a very long while of listening to Cupid flirting, we made it to her castle. It was nestled on a huge cloud, mostly consisting of the colors red, pink, white, and gold.

We got out, the cloud felt very weird on my feet. I've never walked on a cloud.

It was a relief that Cupid stopped talking to Jack. I could've slapped her in her ever-so-pretty face. I decided against it, not wanting to be rude. Just yet.

We all made it to a huge set of double doors, the knockers shaped like hearts. The doors were made of wood, but not flimsy wood. Like, gorgeous wood. It was very polished and shiny, and the doorframe was a little bigger than North.

Cupid opened the door, reveayling a big entryway. There was a globe like North's, only way smaller and not in Russian.

"Wow, your house is gorgeous Cupid." Tooth complimented while hovering, she had regained he ability to fly. She couldn't fly very long though, or very high off the ground.

"Yea, it is!" Jamie added, excitement filling his eyes.

"Why, thank you two. I suppose you'll be staying here a while?" she asked, her accent echoing off the walls.

We all looked at eachother, and nodded.

"Alrighty then. I will show you to your rooms."

We walked through some hallways, the cloud floor squishing under everyone's feet.

"Wait!" I shouted, everyone stopped, looking at me.

"We need to get Jamie home before morning!"

"You're right! My mom will be so worried!" Jamie exclaimed.

"What do we do?" asked Bunnymund.

"I'll take him." Jack suggested.

"But Jack, you can barely fly!" I told him.

"Don't worry, I'll summon the wind. C'mon Jamie!" he said, throwing Jamie on his bare back.

"Be careful!" I yelled behind them as they flew out the door.

After a while, we were all shown to our rooms. They were all on the same floor, and same hallway.

"Hey, Mckenna. Can I talk to you?" Cupid asked me. I made a funny expression, but agreed.

We walked to a room. It was empty, only holding rusty or broken arrows. I recognized them as the love arrows, not the ones she used on Pitch.

"Wow." I said. It was a very large room, piles of arrows everywhere. And I looked in my quiver, where my measly ten broken arrows were.

I was still looking around when Cupid pinned me against a wall, her hands on my skinny shoulders. My lanky body was no match for her tall, slightly muscular build.

"Listen up, Flame."

"Heatwave! Geez."

She ignored my correction, continuing.

"You will stay away from Jack, and I mean it. He is mine. You aren't anything to him. You are nothing."

Her words shocked me, Cupid was never like this. We used to actually be good friends until she got way caught up with everything, and became what she was in the sleigh. But she was never like this!

"C-Cupid... are you alright?" I asked, really worried Pitch got to her or something.

"Shut up." she spat in reply. She pushed my shoulders harder into the faded gold stone wall, I winced.

"Do you understand?" she asked, darkness in her voice.