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"I'm a Monarch" Midoriya said with a grin.

The league stared at him quite puzzled, what did the teen mean?

"A monarch?" They all said in unison.

I'm not human."

"If you aren't human what are you?" Twice asked.

"A demon.
But, I'm not like other demons.
I'm the Monarch of them all, the King.
The Devil" Midoriya replied.

"There are other demons?" Dabi asked.

"Yeah, I was surprised too.
I read it all in this book" Midoriya said as he held up a book.
The league stared at the book quite confused, it had an intricate design.

"Can we see the inside."

Midoriya opened it up and revealed the strange lettering.
"What language is that??
You can read that!?" Spinner exclaimed.

And my dad left this note on this 1 picture confirming it.

I need to open this safe, it has some final piece of information that I want to get to" Midoriya said as he lifted the safe off the table.

"Explain the info to me later in a summary.
I'm out" Dabi groaned.
The rest of the league agreed that this was too much to process and left Midoriya alone.

Midoriya sighed, he was glad to be left alone.
It would give him time to process.

"Now how do I break this open?
Oh I know"

Midoriya picked up the safe and walked over to Shigaraki.

"What do you want?" Shigaraki asked.

"Could you disintegrate this safe?"

Shigaraki placed all 5 of his fingers on the safe, soon everything except for what was inside began to crumble everywhere.
Midoriya caught the papers and threw the ashes away.

"That's convenient.
Now what's in here?"
Midoriya started to flip through the papers when his eyes widened on what he landed on.

It was the spell used on him to keep his power sealed.

"Demonic sealing-
This spell will keep a demon's power sealed and not able to be used.
However, based on the demons strength it can be broken." The paper read.

Midoriya flipped through the rest of the papers.
"seal breaking spell"
"Demon realm"
"Invisibility from the demon realm"
"Humanizing spell"

The papers read.

"This is the reason that I can't see the demon realm and that all my powers are still locked.
From what I'm reading it seems like I can break these spells by ripping the papers.

What'll happen if I do...?
Do I want to do it right now?
What if my body isn't ready yet?
I shouldn't risk anything right now.
It's tempting...

I mean.
What's the worst that could happen?


But if I die then I'll never be able to become a Monarch...
I'm not 16 quite yet, I'm just the next person in line to be the Monarch.
Agh" Midoriya thought to himself as he stacked all the papers together and walked away.

"I need a room" Midoriya groaned.

"We don't have any extras, what's wrong with the main room?" Kurogiri asked.

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