Chapter 15

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The thought of London made me feel excited, nervous, confused, anxious, and treacherous all at the same time. Should I do it? I'm torn between the idea of it being a huge move on my part and the idea that I can finally be free from here... Whatever 'here' is now. I don't mean New Jersey; I mean, 'here' as in home. I love my parents I do, but I feel like we're slowly being pulled apart form each other and there's nothing we could do about it. I guess moving to somewhere as far as London wouldn't help us get back together, either though.

So, the confusion in my mind made me answer to Adeel, "It's very compelling, but I still have to think about it." And, his understanding answer made me believe that I honestly could not have asked for a better guy... Friend. Guy-friend. Yup. Guy-friend, like Danial.

Of course thinking of that, I remembered that I had to talk to Danial about my situation. I have a feeling he's going to take it the worst. I'm kind of terrified, now that I've come to terms with the whole thing myself and that I don't need anyone else freaking out about it. Hopefully, he'll understand that it's not too bad.

I think Adeel also figured out that I'm okay with everything now. I hope he has because I really can't apologize for how I acted. I know I over-reacted, but I still feel like everything happened too suddenly. I just hope that we can put my melt-down between us.

As I think over these thoughts in my head, I come out of the shower. Changing and drying myself, I still can't seem to make up my mind; London, or no? I guess, it depends on my dad's answer to that, too. Feeling relieved all of a sudden that I don't have to completely decide on my own, I head downstairs to get something to eat.

The house seemed a little too quiet for my liking, but that's just how it is nowadays. I'm happy that my parents are enjoying themselves; I know that my company can be a little boring sometimes. I enter the kitchen with light steps, not wanting to break the comfortable silence. As I search the fridge, my phone rings from the counter. I'm surprised my dad hasn't yelled at me for placing it somewhere other than where it belongs. My dad is really a control freak. He should have a banner on his head saying: "Put everything back where it belongs... Or else..." leaving the person reading to fill in its own threat.

Seeing that it's Olivia, I pick up with a smile on my face, "Hey, girli-"

"You bitch!" Her high-pitched voice, a sign that she's genouinely mad; not pissed, but mad, echoes through the phone.

I hold it away from my ear while wincing before putting it back on, "I'm sorry?" Although, I had no idea what I was apologizing for.

"You're getting married and you didn't even tell me... Us!"

In the back ground, I hear a voice resembling Nelly's scream, "Yeah!"

Before I could answer, Terri's voice drifts in my ear, "Sorry, girl, I had to confess. I was worried for you and they obviously noticed. And, knowing them, you know how hard it is to ignore their whining until I finally cracked and told them why I was worried in the first place-Ow! Yes, you do whine! Do you hear yourselves right now!?" I'm guessing the last part was for Liv and Nelly.

"Put me on speaker."

"Alright, one sec-Would you guys calm. The. Crap. Down!?! She's coming on speaker! Relax your buns!"

I make a wierd face at Terri's words, but start to speak once I'm sure I'm on speaker, "Listen, I'm sorry guys for not telling you earlier. I was having trouble dealing with it myself."

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