Information Acquired

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Midoriya sat on the couch, bored.
He balanced a pen on top of his lip and groaned.

"So boreddddd" he moped. He shifted on the couch and tapped on his horn.

"They're hot, it's because I'm at 100% capacity.
I need to figure out what I am.
The first step would be to go to the old house and look for some things.
The house was closed by the police but it hasn't been touched so all of my things should've remained intact.

With this shadow travel, I could get there in less than a minute."
Midoriya took off his quirk canceller and sighed.
He put his phone in his pocket and sunk into his shadow.

He reappeared in his room, coming from out of his wooden closet.

Wow the negativity here still remains.
I should harvest it.

Anyways, I remember dad used to have a safe he kept in his room with all our files.
I need to find it and open it.
Maybe the answer will be there" Midoriya thought to himself as he walked around.

He opened his parents former room and entered, dust could be seen everywhere.
The house was a ghostly silent, no one refused to enter after the death of the 2.

Midoriya found the safe under the bed.
He pulled it out and placed it ontop of the bed.

How do I open this?" He said aloud to himself.
He started to mess with the little spinny number dial hoping he'd miraculously open the lock but he wasn't in some movie for that to be true.

"Ugh, how do I opennn Thisss??" He lifted it up and sighed.
He didn't want to use his power, he knew he'd burn whatever papers inside.
"The walls aren't strong enough for me to slam it against it so it can crack open.
I need the code" Midoriya thought to himself.
He flipped it over and there somehow he found a little posted note with the code.

He entered the code but.
The safe didn't Open.

He turned it again a couple times before realizing that he didn't have the code to the safe, he had it do something else.

He looked at the back of the note, it read.
"Under bed"

"Under bed?
What's under the bed?
And what does this code have to do with it?" Midoriya muttered to himself as he pushed the bed away.

There was a carpet underneath so he flipped it over and there he saw...
A spinny dial to enter the code he had in hand.

"Is this what the code is for?
Is there even anything in the safe?"
Midoriya picked up the safe shook it, papers were definitely inside.

"I'll have to open that another time.
First let's see what's in here...
I never knew we had a secret entrance"

The door popped open after Midoriya entered the code, there was a latter.
He sighed, it was dark down there.

"I need a flashlight"
He quickly got one from the night stand and entered.
When he made it down there he found a light switch and flicked it.

It was an old room, much dustier than the rooms above.
The ground creaked below him as he looked around.

There was a gray metal desk with multiple drawers, beside it 2 black closets with open hatch doors.
There was a black swivel chair by the desk.

Midoriya turned his head and saw a medium sized wooden table on the wall, it was a mess with papers as was the desk.

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