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Ace pov

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Ace pov

I know what her nightmare was about.

She explained me how she saw a boy of her age begging to not hit her.

I remember everything.

It was me.

How they made me watch as they beat her to death.

How they made me watch as countless people raped her.

How they made me watch as they hurted her.

It hurt like a bitch.

How I cradled her in my lap as they left her bleeding.

How desperately I tried to stop her bleeding.

How desperately I asked for help.

And there was me.


Given food but only once in a day.

Without even a single bruise.


It is the worst feeling when your loved ones are hurt.

"I want you to watch as you twin gets raped by countless number of people.
Starved. Beaten. Bruised. Death. Slowly and painfully. And you will watch. Bat an eye and it will be worst for her. You are just a pathetic excuse of brother who cannot even save her sister ."

I still remember their words.

But now I am someone else.

Someone who can kill for her and will get killed for her.

A ruthless person.

But I still remember that days which haunts me the most.

Flashback starts (2 years ago)

Today was a boring day of school without lessie.

She has gotten a fever so I preferred her to stay home.

And they also don't come till 5 pm.

And it 2:30.

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