53.2: The Confrontation

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        Taking a step ahead, Mahir pressed the door bell and than as they waited for it to be opened, Aayat could sense the tension on Mahir's face and as it seemed the right thing to do, she hesitantly entwined her hand into his making him look at her. He looked at the calm face of hers, as she smiled assuringly at him and said,

"Remember, You're going to let the past go."

He took a deep breath and than nodded, a slight smile coming up on his face. Because now, even he wanted to let go, of everything that held him into the past.

And then in the next second, with a click the door opened and it was none other than Raheem, the old man of the house with glasses on his eyes, dressed in a decent pair of suit. His eyes giving away of a certain kind of sadness and weakness, so did the wrinkles on his head. But Mahir knew it wasn't always like that, his Raheem uncle of all was one of the cheerful kind. It was not of need to say that swing him like this made Mahir worried and curious as to what could possibly be bothering him. 
        But nevertheless, as soon as Raheem saw that Mahir had arrived along with Aayat, a delightful smile made its way upto his face as he said,

"Oh my son is here. So glad you came dear. Welcome!"

Saying so, he hugged Mahir and than as he broke the hug Mahir said with a smile,

"Assalam walaikum. I had to come uncle. Thanks for inviting us."

Raheem replied to the salaam and then looked at Aayat, with a certain longingness in his eyes as he patted on her head and than said,

"Thank you for coming daughter. You're always welcome here!"

"Thank you uncle."

"Come inside you two." Raheem said and with that they all went inside.

And then, through the tall entrance walls and a hallway following that, they all went inside the mansion and as they now reached into the hall of living room a certain sound of heels against the step made all of them to look at the person coming downstairs through the staircase in the middle of the room and it was none other the Aaliyah, looking ravishing in her own attire, her hair on one side.

       And as she stepped down she looked back at those people looking at her, her eyes moving from her father to Mahir, with tons of emotions in them, none of which like always mirroring in his. And than without batting her eye lids, she moved her gaze to Aayat.

Aayat, there she was! Her nemesis. Standing beside the person she wanted to claim as hers. Holding onto his hands as if she owned him. Aaliyah tightened her fist at the sight of seeing their hand entwined. How proudly was Aayat smiling at her. Almost as if being aware of how much pain she has caused her by returning back in to their lives. Now standing in a simple attire, with Mahir, looking like nothing but any average other girl.

She didn't deserve to be the one standing next to him. She never did!

Compressing the urge to scream her anger out, Aaliyah instead plastered up a crooked smile, in a voice that Mahir knew was cold toned as she said,

"Oh Dad, so our guests are here!"

Mahir stared at her acts as she than widening the smile was finally standing in front of them. And than she brought her hand Infront of Aayat as she said,

"Aayat, never knew I would be welcoming you as Mahir's wife one day. "

Aayat just looked at her as she could sense the bitterness in her words, but respecting the presence of her father she smiled nicely and said,

"Well, nice to meet you again after years Aaliyah."

"What are you two talking about?" Raheem asked confusedly and then Aaliyah said,

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