Making new friends

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As me and Vina arrived at the canteen I saw Jake and his friends sitting at a table so we went to join them.
Vina sat down next to Embry and he kissed her cheek and u realized that they were in a relationship. "hi Bella do you want to come to the bonfire tonight?" Jake asked.
"Sure!" I said before kissing him deeply on the lips. He smiled at me.

After lunch me, jake, Quil and Jared went to English. I found English pretty easy. however there was a guy behind me that would keep staring at me. "are you ok?" Jake asked wrapped his arm around me and I herd a low hiss from behind me I just nodded. All lesson I felt his eyes burn into the bake of my head.
"Look Bella I know something is bothering you what is it?" Jacob asked after spinning me round so my back was on the wall and he was leaning over me. he face was only cm away from mine and I wanted to kiss him badly.
"Its that guy who sits behind us in english!" Jake suddenly when tense.
"Edward Cullen!" He growled between his teeth.
"Yer to be honest he freaks me out!" I whispered
"That stupid leech!" Jacob muttered to himself. wait a minute did he just say leech, I must of herd wrong. "don't worry I won't let anyone hurt you!" He said moving his lips to my neck and kissed it.
It tickled and screamed a little. suddenly Jacob was pushed and fell on top of me in a heap on the floor.
Jacob was already up and walking towards the Attacker his hand in fists and he was shaking.
Running up to him I placed my hand on his shoulder and said "calm down it okay!" I saw Cullen standing in front of us. "lets just go!" I said dragging jakes arm to the gym but it was no use he just stood there staring at Edward. I lightly tapped the back of his head and he pushed me away. I fell to the ground in a crash and as I placed my hand in my forehead it was bleeding. The last thing I saw was Edward running towards me, his teeth barred. Then Jake jumped in front of him and punching him hard. then I blacked out.
A/N hi sorry that I have no updated in a while I was just waiting for inspiration. I was thinking about writing a new book about a girl who has had a lot of boy friends and one day she moves to forks and Seth imprints on her but she has given up with boys will she pick him or break his heart? However she has a secret to. Tell me if u think I should do it thanks for reading 😻😽

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