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"He's gorgeous Anne. Look at those curls! Gosh." Jay doted over the tiny baby boy, his wide eyes watching her curiously.

"Thank you Jay." Anne swallowed, forcing a smile to her face. Jay notice her unease straight away.

"What's wrong?" Jay asked warily, walking over to sit beside Anne on the couch with the pup in her arms. Anne looked down at Louis, who played with a stuffed teddy bear, only to suck on its ear. The almost two year old looked up at his mum as she moved across the room.

"Just worried." Anne chuckled dryly, looking at her son in her best friends arms. The tiny baby's eyes landed on his mum, sucking his pacifier harder.

"About what exactly?" Jay was concerned, Anne's behaviour not being normal. She could tell the woman was concerned.

"Harry." She gestures to the baby. "He doesn't have a scent."

Jay furrowed her brows, smelling the air only to find out Anne was right. The baby boy didn't have a scent.

"Do... do you know why?" Jay asked, brushing the soft light hair back off the baby forehead as he slowly closed his eyes.

Harry already had a lot of hair, the locks light in tone and not the usual thin wispy type one month olds have. He was gorgeous really, large green eyes, pretty lips with a cute nose. His cheeks were already full and rounded, a small indent indicating dimples would form when he smiled.

"No... the doctors said he might be a late bloomer." Anne pursed her lips, eyes locked on her son. You could see the concern in her face.

"I'm sure he's fine Anne. Has he changed yet?" Jay asked, knowing pups begin their transforms around one month, especially pup of high status like the Styles were.

"Not fully yet. His ears came through last week and his tail a few days ago. But Gemma took awhile as well." Anne nodded, smiling up at her friend before looking at her son again.

"I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. He's gorgeous and so what if he's a later bloomer?" Jay smiled at the sleeping baby as a small sigh came out from behind his pacifier.

"Mummy. I 'old 'arry?" Louis spoke up suddenly, causing the two woman to chuckle at the fright.

"Be careful boo."


Two years later.

"I'm nervous." Anne chuckled to Jay as they watch the two boys sit on the play mat in the lounge room. They were the Tomlinson pack house, waiting for their mates to come out and tell them the deal.

"Don't be. I'm sure it'll be fine." Jay laughed nervously, always the optimist. "Do you think though that he actually is..." she trailed off, watching as Harry pouted at her four year old son.

Louis had immediately looked up, trying to understand why the two year old was upset, before giving him the lollipop he had. Harry smiled wide and took the treat and put it in his mouth, not knowing how gross it was to share. Louis smiled back.

"He's a late bloomer. Didn't transform fully till he was three months. And his scent hasn't come through at all. It's the only explanation really. You can normally tell by now." Anne sighed, sitting back on the couch with a huff. It was stressful always worrying over her son. He was only two and she still had to deal with a five year old Gemma.

"I think he might be. Look at them." Jay pointed to the boys on the mat.

Harry was scouting closer to Louis, who was enthralled in the race cars and pushing them around their track. But he had looked up as soon as Harry had moved and watched him with curiosity, before offering his favourite car to the boy.

"He never does that with his sisters." The two women chuckle, watching their sons with fond smiles as two alphas enter the room.

"Daddy!" Harry squeals as he sees his dad enter the room. He quickly gets to feet and runs to the alpha, latching to his leg, missing Louis' pout as the pups attention was taken away from him.

"Buddy!" Des chuckled, ruffling Harry's hair as he noticed Louis angry look. He looked to Mark, who nodded with a knowing smile.

"Well..." the two women were sitting onto he edge of their seat, waiting for the news.

"Louis and Harry are betrothed. Since we don't know Harry second gender yet... but are pretty sure he's an omega, it should work out as Louis is already showing he is an alpha. When Harry's seventeen and a half, he'll come here to become comfortable with the pack before he turns eighteen, as well as bond with Louis. They'll mate when their ready." Mark stated, picking up Louis despite him pout. The four year squirmed a little, eyes locked on Harry and calmed once Harry was in Des' arms.

The two mums nodded, happy smiles forming.

"The packs will be joined and these two will rule together the biggest pack in the country."

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