The Dream

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"Leave it." A boy says

You stand far into the distance. But somehow you're able to see yourself.

Your younger self stays hidden behind a tree and can see them. All seven of them as they stand over something.

Why were you here? You remember this like it was yesterday but why are you here?

"Scary night wasn't it?"

You jump as you hear the familiar voice.

Suddenly, Jin appears in front of you.

Not the child but the current, adult one.

"Pay attention." He purrs, "Don't worry. They can't see us."

"She'll be proud of us, right? We did good?" Ask Namjoon

"She has to be." Jungkook answered

Your younger self watches as Hoseok bends down and reaches for something. Her curiosity gets the better of her.

She walks out of her hiding spot and smiles,

"If you wanted to do a secret mission all you had to do wa—"

The boys jumped at her voice and she froze in her spot. What they were doing was on full display for her.

Hoseok lifted his hand and blood, fresh, thick blood ran down his arm.

Jungkook's face was splattered with blood. In fact, all of them had blood on them.

The sixth oldest, who was only two years older than her tried to walk towards her.


"What is this?" She ask breathily as she take steps away from them

"Ara, calm down—"

"You—you're all standing over a dead body—" she can't finish her sentence

Suddenly Jungkook steps forward,

"So what will you do then Ara?" He smirked, "Will you tell on us?" He cocks an eyebrow

"Why are you talking to me like this, Kook?"

Hoseok stands beside him, the same devilish smirk upon his face.

"You don't have any friends, Ara." Hoseok says, "Besides, there's seven of us and one of you. Who will they believe?" He finishes

"Jimin hyung, Namjoon Hyung... get her." Jungkook orders

They hesitate.

"Now!" Jungkook And Hoseok yell

"Yea." The boys say quickly as they stalk towards her.

But before they get close, she turns around and bolts in the opposite direction.

In a matter of seconds she hears feet trucking after her.

You can't stop your feet and run after her too. You have to save her.

"What are you doing Ara? This won't change what happened." Jin says calmly

"Ara!" You hear Jungkook's dark tone as he yells to her. But it doesn't really sound like him, Jungkook isn't like this.

"Stop running, doll face!" Hoseok yells

She turns her head over her shoulder and see all seven boys gaining in on her.

You slow down before coming to a stop. It didn't happen like this, you don't remember this part. You remember that you ran and in a matter of minutes reached home.

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