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The fire ball hit a building straight on, catching it on...
A blue fire.

His horns no longer glowed red at the tips.
Midoriya absorbed the negativity, he could feel the amount of energy that took.

"I knew new powers were bound to be coming in with my new eye color, but fire?
Out of my horns of all places.
If only I knew beforehand, I didn't properly dispell negativity and used wayyy more than needed" Midoriya thought to himself.
He looked at the fire and heard the screaming heroes from below.

"Oh what's this?
The fire produces negativity as well?
This is perfect!
I wonder what else I'll get.
It's only a matter of time before all my new abilities are revealed" Midoriya was brought out of his thoughts when he felt a feather barley miss his face fly by.

Hawks had spotted him.

He noticed hawks and the other heroes all collectively charging at him, including all might.

Midoriya ran to the other side of the building and jumped off, going into a free fall.
He enjoyed the thrill of falling whilst being chased.

He quickly activated his telekinesis and swerved to the side, flying around the building and flipping into a landing on the street.

"What's wrong heroes?
Can't catch me?" Midoriya chuckled.

"Move out the way all might!" Endeavor spat as he tried to send his flames.

"Working together?
That's not going to last too long" Midoriya laughed.

"You move out the way endeavor!" All might hissed as he shoved his side.
Endeavor was pushed back with such a strong force midair that he crashed into a neighboring building.

All might landed right infront of Midoriya.

"You disgust me, villain scum!" All might screamed as he sent a blast of a punch.
Midoriya jumped up, dodging it all together.

"And you disgust me!
But hey, at least I get stronger with how much negativity you spew out" Midoriya laughed as he watched the building he stood infront of get absolutely destroyed.

All might charged at him again as did all the other heroes who were trying their best to get to him.

"Come on, try harder" Midoriya laughed as he sent out a pulse wave of negativity.
He sent them all flying back into buildings.

Midoriya felt his phone go off.
He sighed and pulled it out, mid fight.
He wasn't too worried.

"You need to get to base, it's time to meet the new members"

"Are you kidding me?
Fine" Midoriya sighed as he put his phone back in his pocket.

"Well heroes.
It was fun playing with you all and unlocking another power but I gotta go.
See you all next time"

Midoriya zipped off and away, they couldn't keep track of him.

All might forced himself up, he was at his limit.

"He was just playing...?" Another hero spoke up.
"Yeah... I'd know as his teacher.

He wasn't trying his hardest" Aizawa said as he ran onto the scene.

"What was that back there??" Endeavor screamed as he came into scene.
He and all might were now arguing, like Midoriya had wanted.

Midoriya walked into base, he found his bracelet and slipped it on.

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