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I just realized that the cover of the story looks kinda scary when it's not supposed to be💀 let me know if y'all like it as is or if you want me to change it. I might change the name too.

"Alright Nika, I'm off!" Micaiah yelled before making his departure. One that was quickly cut short, by Onika running in front of the door, blocking his path.

"Take me with you! You know I've been looking for a job in sooo long!" I begged him.

"Onika, if a week is long, then what is a month for you?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"You're tryna direct this to a petty argument, we've already done this before. If you're taking ya ass all the way to the other side of the country, why can't I come with you?! You already took me in when mom kicked me out. I just don't understand why you suddenly want to leave me in the dust." Onika said sadly.

Micaiah sighed, knowing that it was strange how as soon as he found a job that needed him to move across the country he couldn't bring his little sister with him. Especially since they were stuck together all their life like super glue.

He had an opportunity to join a business, a business that he didn't want Onika to ever find out about. It would pain her knowing how smart Caiah was to end up working somewhere that's dangerous, not to mention illegal.

He was a money launderer, a damn good one. And his work was underground and went unnoticed by many until one of his friends' that were in the same business as him but as a higher-up wanted him to work for his boss. He was unsure because he didn't know the boss's name. He refused to give a name on who exactly he worked for, but the amount of money he would receive doing what his boss requested sold him.

Him and Onika would finally not need to live paycheck to paycheck. He promised to give his little sister the best life that their parents couldn't give them out of greed. And damnit by all means he was keeping that promise.

"I know sis, it frustrates me too. But this is an opportunity I can't pass up and-"

"Aye Caiah, you ready?" Robert, better known as Meek, yelled out in his car. The grey 2017 Kia Sorento may not be much for some, but the siblings were easy to please, so every time they saw it, admiration was the only thing you could see on their faces. "We got 4 long hours on a plane ahead of us."

"Really?! Meek's going with you, but I can't?!" Onika said with a full attitude.

"C'mon Nick you know the only reason I'm even going is if Meek goes with me. He's familiar in the area. I'm not. It might get-"

"Caiah you know damn well she ain't taking that excuse. Why don't you just take her with us?" Meek said typing on his phone.

"Exactly! Just take me with you! The job opportunities here are ass. Either I'm gonna work at McDonald's, the fucking grocery store, or shaking ass for bands!" Onika yelled in frustration, making Meek laugh.

Micaiah immediately got upset just by imagining his sister stripping. To him that was a hoe job. Onika is not a hoe.

"It's only for a few months, but let's say I do take you. Imagine how my potential boss would feel not knowing beforehand I was bringing my sister with me. How would you think they would react? Hm?" Micaiah said knowing for sure he would win with his argument, until Robert decided to open his mouth.

"Actually, they said they were fine with it. Just texted them." Onika smirked, knowing that now there was no way for him to talk his way out of this one.

Caiah sighed in defeat. "Well we gotta go now and you don't even have your things packed so-" He was cut off by Onika quickly running inside the house to roll out two suitcases, each filled to the brim with clothes and hygienic necessities.

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