Facing Danger

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"Good morning," Jake smiles, walking over to me whilst holding a tray one handed. The smell of pancakes floats through the air and my stomach grumbles loudly.

"Morning, what time is it?" I smile back, running a hand through my hair. We didn't get home until late last night, the sun was beginning to rise just as I was drifting off.

"It's two in the afternoon," Jake chuckles, sitting down onto the empty side of my bed.

"Seriously? Wow," I respond, happiness filling my stomach as I think back to last night. The beauty of the night and Jake. I grin at him and sit up, propping myself up on the pillows behind me. A dull pain flares up my side and I close my eyes, breathing through it. I wish it would hurry up and heal.

"Are you still in pain?" Jake asks me, a worried expression plastered across his face. I shake my head, shrugging it off.

"No, don't worry about it." I smile before looking down at the stack of pancakes he'd made. Their drizzled with syrup and my mouth waters, noticing he'd popped a side of Nutella with them too.

"What did I do to deserve this?" I ask him scraping my hair back and securing it with a hair tie.

"I enjoy making pancakes and I kind of want to impress you," Jake said casually before stabbing the top pancake with his fork and popping the whole thing in his mouth. I raise my brow at him amusingly and watch as he chews through the entire thing.

"Well, I'm impressed." I smile, reaching for my own fork. Jake fist pumps the air in victory, earning a giggle from me.

"Would you like to go back and get the rest of your stuff today?" Jake asked gently, placing his fork down. I shake my head, disagreeing.

"I'm not going back there Jake," I mumble quietly. I know I'm safe here. Each day it became a little easier for me to relax but I'm nowhere near strong enough to face Mum or Trevor. I looked up at Jake, extremely thankful to have someone who cared about me enough to help me.

I climb out of bed and walk up to him, settling myself between his legs. My hands circled around his neck and Jake remains still, watching me intently with a questionable look on his face.

"Thank you, it means so much to me."

"All I did was make you some pancakes and I've ate most of them." Jake chuckles, his fingers drawing circles on my back. I giggle before moving back to look at him.

"No silly. I mean for helping me. . . I had fun last night too." I mumble, fiddling with my hands.

"So basically I'm like your Prince Charming?" Jake smirks, tilting my chin up so I'm looking into his eyes. His lips began twitching and I smack his chest lightly for teasing me.

"Sort of but without the charm," I admit, my own lips twitching into a small smile. Jake's eyes light up and he chuckles quietly, his chest rumbling against mine.

"I'm so full of charm, you just don't want to admit it."

He suddenly takes hold of both of my hands, clutching them tightly as his expression turned serious.

"You don't have to be scared, I'll be with you."

I bit down on my bottom lip, feeling an uneasy feeling settle inside my stomach. I shake my head, finalising my decision.

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