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"Izuku Midoriya...

Are you the mystery suicide?" Tsukauchi asked.

Midoriya sighed, "why am I being asked?"
He asked to stall time
He also asked because he wanted to collect some negativity before jumping out the window.

"You're quirks are similar.
Also, Hawks ran an investigation on you and he said this would be the deciding factor"
Tsukauchi replied.

Midoriya made sure the bracelet was attached onto Aizawa's keg as he began to collect the negativity in the room, he closed his eyes as they turned white.

"I do not know of anyone called the mystery suicide.
It's a dumb name if you ask me" Midoriya replied as he made sure the windows were unlocked.

"Answer the question.
Izuku Midoriya.

Are you the one behind all the suicides?". Tsukauchi asked getting more serious.

The class felt their hearts pound out of their chest in pure fear, hearing Midoriya's voice didn't make it any better.

Call me Devil.



Yes I am" Midoriya opened his eyes to reveal the color.
The entire class gasped as they watched Midoriya float out of his chair and send himself at the window.

Aizawa tried to stop him but...
His leg had been cuffed with the quirk canceller.

Tsukauchi tried to shoot Midoriya but Midoriya dodged midair and went flying.

"I jumped out the top floor and am now descending  at a pretty fast rate.
I could fly to an alleyway and ask Shigaraki for some quick help.
No issue"

Midoriya was broken out of his thoughts when a feather whirred last his face.
He turned his head to see Hawks flying above him, feathers all in the air, ready to attack.

Midoriya groaned as he activated telekinesis and zipped up before hitting the ground.
He swiftly went through the forest infront of UA, dodging the trees carefully.

The thick brush above left it hard for Hawks and the other police to see him.

Midoriya escaped out of UA and ran to an alleyway.
He pulled out his phone and texted kurogiri.

He didn't know Kurogiri was actually busy at the moment.

"Come in are you serious??" Midoriya muttered as kurogiri left him on delivered.
He saw Hawks fly overhead...
Midoriya stuffed his phone into his pocket and started to fly, faster than ever before.

He knew where he needed to go.

Hawks saw him and immediately began to chase after him with a bunch of other heroes and police.

Midoriya saw the beach up ahead, exactly what he needed.

Hawks was gaining on him...
Midoriya turned around, mid flight still headed towards the ocean, and chuckled. His fangs bared as he stared at Hawks right in the eyes.

"You all don't even know the extent of my power.
Even if you asked the doctors for files...

Not everything's been revealed just yet~" Midoriya laughed as he shot a laser of negativity.
He managed to put a hole in one of Hawks's wings and slow him down.

However, the police and other heroes were below...
Including endeavor.

Endeavor shot a raging inferno at Midoriya.
Midoriya looked below, he was right ontop of the ocean.
He chuckled and waved his hand as he deactivated his powers and became one with the water.

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