Caught Red Handed

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"I can't even trust the bracelet he brings back.
Considering he already knows and just needs evidence it's me it's likely he'll be installing a tracker in to it.
I need to rewire it but I won't have the time to do that without getting caught.

He's making my life real difficult.
I'll just stay down low until my last day, since I'll already be caught by then .
The league wants me to kill stain, based on his patterns he'll be here in Hosu by Friday.
He's been rotating between Kyoto, Tokyo, and Hosu." Midoriya thought to himself.

His train of thought was cut off when Hawks came back with the bracelet.
Midoriya noticed the fighting below was starting to get violent.
He was doing his best to keep from absorbing the negativity.

"Here you go..." Hawks sighed.

Midoriya took the bracelet and put it on.
The fighting below suddenly stopped and Hawks was back to being his usual self.

"Haha, sorry about that earlier.
If you had told me it was a sentimental item I wouldn't have broken it" hawks chuckled.

"Maybe you shouldn't destroy other people's property in general.
Respect people, you aren't one to go around disrespecting people and their property just because you can.
You aren't special." Midoriya hissed.
He was mad at Hawks.

Sorry" he had silenced Hawks.

What now?" Midoriya asked.

We're going through Hosu!" Hawks replied.

Midoriya removed the bracelet and floated down, nodding his head.
"The bracelet looks like nothing has been changed.
I can ask Shigaraki to ask kurogiri to send that black market dealer to check it out." Midoriya thought to himself as he landed and put it back on.

"We're doing this on foot since flying doesn't really help you see everything" Hawks said.

"I figured much." Midoriya sighed.

"Let's get going!"

The 2 began to walk down the street.
Midoriya had his hands in his pockets, he was actually removing the bracelet.
He had an idea.

He captured Hawks under his mind manipulation and slightly chuckled.
Now he could talk with him and not get caught with the bracelet off.

"So, what's your favorite food kid?"

"I don't have a favorite"

Well my favorite is Yakitori!"

Midoriya hummed in response as he looked around.
"If I kill someone using mind control beside Hawks he won't be able to tell that it's me.
He thinks the bracelet is on and because he's under my manipulation I can speak with him freely.

However, with all the details present, this weak attempt will only help confuse the police." Midoriya thought to himself as he caught a driver under his mind control.
He swerved the car into another car in a different lane.

Midoriya had to act now.

His eyes widened, "Hawks what do we do!?"

Hawks was already on the scene.
Midoriya quickly put the bracelet back and ran with him.

"Kid take the bracelet off and help me rescue the people inside!" Hawks shouted.
Midoriya nodded his head, he slowly slid the bracelet off and got to work.

Both drivers already died. The crash was too severe.

Midoriya loaded off the dead bodies into an ambulance on the scene and put the bracelet back on.
Hawks let out an irritated groan, "dang it...
Someone died on my watch..."

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