Chapter 12

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Narrator's POV

The path seemed soft, intangible even. Darkness enveloping the empty alley.

Then came the sound of heavy footsteps running into the not so clear alley. "You're never gonna make it Karma so just best to give up" a voice boomed throughout the empty alley flooding the empty streets.

"It's just a game of waiting fellas" A feminine voice replied.

In the depths of the night, there stood five buff men all situated in red looking for a not so pleased female. Coming to a dead end the female slowly backed up only to be met with a hard force being slammed to her back having her fall face forward.

A groan escaped her lips as she composed herself standing upright once again. "Theirs really no escape Karma, this is where you die" A man spoke up having everyone around him laugh even the female.

The female's laugh soon died down, "I'm ready for a fight" She said simply positioning herself in a fighting stance. 

A round of laugh sounded once more, "We don't want to hurt you little one all you have to do is just come with us and we'll take it easy" 

Before anything else could be said the female delivered a punch to the man's face having him stumble backward, reeling from the hit.

The man touched his face where she had punched him then spat out some blood looking back to the woman who had a smirk plastered across her face triumphantly. 

"Get that bitch I want to kill her with my bare hands" He boomed angrily.

At his order, all four men lunged at the female arms outstretched ready to deliver punches at her, she simply rolled her eyes and outstepped their reach. She soon delivered an elbowed punch to one of the man's sides while the rest fell to the ground, "Fucking idiots" she muttered before bringing herself into another fighting stance.

They gained back their composure and charged towards her once more, dodging one of the men's punches she swerved around delivering a punch to another ones face then turned giving another a roundhouse kick to the nose.

Before she could comprehend the sight a punch was delivered to her jaw having her neck snap to the side at a rapid pace. She grimaced as she tasted a serge of coppery blood

She snapped her head to the source of the punch and made a move towards him, she gave him one full on roundhouse kick having him drop to the floor with the other men. 

She stepped over him sitting on his back and took his neck in her hand. 'sleep well mother fucker' she whispered into his ear as she snapped his neck earning a sickening crunch from it.

She did the same to all the others saying something different in each and every one of their ears. She soon finished and stood up smirking at the sight.

"Now their Paul how do you-" She stopped talking once she turned around to see that he had fled the scene. She rolled her eyes and turned her head to look back at the bodies laying on the floor near her, "What a pussy" she muttered under her breath.

'Karma you their if you hear me say 123 go' A sound said coming from the tiny earpiece latched in her air.

"I'm not saying that so fuck off" She spoke while touching the earpiece.

"And I need some assistance here," she said examining the bodies on the floor. 'What did you do this time?' the voice asked from the earpiece.

"Can you just get your ass to the alleyway near the clubhouse right now" She snapped at the person.

'I'm coming calm down, what's got your panties in a bunch'

"If you utter one more word and you're not down here I will personally strangle you with my hands" she muttered angrily. There was silence so she smiled to herself then continued searching the men below her.

She soon brought up a flash drive and smiled to herself, she pulled out her phone and dialed a number.

"I got it"

This one is a little short and don't hate me for that cringe fight scene. Who do you think Karma is?

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