chapter one

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Most interesting stories start with an uninteresting person, something like 'you were an average girl, with an average life, and every day was the same." but you were not an average girl, and by fact you were far from it. And certainly no day was ever the same. Not when you were an Avenger. Not every girl had the chance to say they were best friends with Natasha Romanoff, or that every Friday night you would sit and watch Netflix with Steve Rogers, trying to educate him on the things he still hadn't caught up on since coming out of the ice, or that you had no real income and everything you participated in was funded by a 'genius billionaire playboy' heck, you even lived in his house... Well tower.

You didn't even have an ordinary childhood, you would have given anything at the time for that. Your parents had you when they were eighteen by accident and never really cared about you much at all. You were neglected and your father died of alcohol abuse when you were three. You were left to your own devices growing up, your mom was either sleeping with some random guy she just met the night before (at his house of course, she would never tell anyone she had a child, she thought they would think less of her) or she would be out at parties, trying to live the life she considered to have missed out on due to having you at such a young age.

At seventeen you gave up and left. No money, no family to go and stay with, and no friends to lean on for help. You met some not great people who took you under their wing, the same people who took in Natasha as well.

You are definitely not ordinary if you can call yourself an ex-assassin.

Natasha had always been more confident than you. She was good at separating social life from work life, not that there is was much social life, you were always on the go hiding from someone or another. Nat could kill someone and walk away without thinking twice about it, this didn't make her a bad person, it just made her good at her job. But you walked away with a feeling of guilt trapped in your gut, not always, some were okay, some you thought even deserved it. But there were some kills that just played in your mind over and over each night.

When Nat 'retired' you also 'retired' . You didn't know if you would ever get out of the business if you didn't leave at the same time as her. Sure it was half decent pay, but what were you supposed to do with the money. It's not like you could buy a nice house, have a family, drop your kids off at school and go to work and be there for them coming home, no. That fantasy life you had given up on a long time ago.

You hung around with Nat for about a year, before she got recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D , you even knew her during the Budapest time (god what a story was behind that one, but not a story for today.)

When Nat got recruited, you were alone for a while, you spent some time with Clint, but he was kind of boring and you never really liked him as much at you did Natasha.

You will always remember the first time the Avengers needed you. After S.H.I.EL.D fell Nat became an Avenger, and you felt like a proud little sister, because you were. You considered Nat your older sister, she was your only family before the Avengers. The first time the Avengers needed you was when they were short staffed for a mission. Tony was out due to heavy injuries from the week before, Clint was off doing god knows what, Peter was considered to be too inexperienced for this one and Bruce just downright refused. Nat told them all about you, and how she and you had the exact same training. Steve agreed to bring you in to see how you felt about it, but Tony, despite not going on the mission himself, was a bit wary to bring in someone new.

But it happened, Steve (thankfully) got his way and Tony agreed to you helping out for one mission. Then you were needed again, and again, and again. Until they were just like 'fuck it, let's just make you an official Avenger now.'

Being an Avenger had its positives of course, but also it's negatives. You began to treat every day like it was your last, because really, you didn't know if it was going to be or not. The probability of dying while fighting off some psychopathic asshole was very high. But you knew this when you signed up.

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