Chapter 14: Suspicions on Seth

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Chapter 14: Suspicions on Seth

It was a beautiful Friday, just the day before the first Quidditch match. "I heard Snape was going to be the referee," Ron said as they sat in their table in the Great Hall for breakfast. "What?" Harry asked, "We'll be up against the Slytherins. This is not good."

"He might try to jinx your broom again," Hermione said as she was reading the day's Daily Prophet. "Look at this," she said and showed everyone the paper, " 'There are still no signs of Sirius Black but there has been said sightings. People in Hogsmeade have said they have seen sightings. In this the guards of Azkaban, Dementors, would take extra precautionary measures. We would like to take this opportunity to remind the citizens everywhere to take precautionary actions as well.' Black could be anywhere. Harry and Harley were just lucky that he wasn't there in Hogsqueal," Hermione said. "Of course he wouldn't be there! It was a world full of mud, porks in different sizes and a lot of rolling. Who would want to go there?" Harley said. "I saw a couple of Dementors arriving earlier this morning, they're not the kind that should be crossed about," Neville said. "We also have a new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, a guy named Remus Lupin," he added. "What really are Dementors?" Harry asked. "They suck all your happiness, they feed on it, it's like their meal. That's why all the prisoners go crazy there in Azkaban. Dad went there once and the minute he stepped into Azkaban, he felt like all hope was lost," George answered. "He looked almost as depressed as Scabbers when he arrived back to our house," Fred said. "Dementors aren't actually supposed to be here because Dumbledore said so but the Ministry of Magic insisted. Dumbledore agreed in the end but said they were only allowed to guard the gates," Ron said, "So about that Quidditch match, how's Harry going to play without having to worry how he's going to survive with Snape refereeing?"

"What if I play? I am the back up Seeker," Harley said. "No, I'm not having my sister in danger n the Quidditch match," said Harry. "Come on, please? Please, please, please, please, please, please?" Harley asked, holding her hands together in a prayer position. "No." Harry said sternly. "Fine, maybe I'll just tell Oliver that you had a small sprain on your wrist and it can't do no good," Harley said and stood up. 'What sprain?---Ow!" Harry was then holding his right wrist. "That sprain," she said as she hid her wand inside her right sleeve and walked walked to Oliver and talked to him. Harry saw Oliver nod and Harley smile. "I'm going to be the replacement Seeker," she sang as she sat next to Harry who was glaring at her, "What? It's for your own good," she said as she gently tapped her wand on Harry's wrist and a bandage was wrapped around it, "It'll heal in an hour. Be happy, dear brother." She smiled and started to eat.

The next day, it was the Quidditch match and Ron, Hermione, Harry and Hagrid were in the stands. "Why are you so grouchy? Look, there's Snape in the center of the field. Think of the things he could do if it were you in that match?" Ron said. " It just doesn't seem right," Harry said.

The game continued. Harley was looking for that golden Snitch, where could it be? Just then, she found something glisten in the sky. She headed for it but then felt a sharp pain on her wrist, she hissed to herself silently. Then she caught a glimpse of Harry, he was covering his forehead, but that was only what Harley could make out of. She also caught a glimpse of some dark figure. Then she felt a swirl of fog inside her brain. "Please, I'm begging you---"

"Get away you insolent little girl!"

"No. Please. Don't hurt them--"

Harley clenched her fist which had the scar and then, the pain grew more intense. "Ahhhhhhh!" she screamed before something happened, her broom was steering her some where. To the dark forest!

"What's Harley doing?" Hermione asked. The pain was still sharp on Harry's forehead and voices were still ringing in his head but all of those seem to fade, somehow, when he knew where his sister was heading. "Ron, where's my broom?" he asked. "Uhm, back in the Gryffindor tower," Ron replied. Harry groaned in frustration and paced for a while until he said, "Accio, Nimbus 2000." There was then a small silhouette heading towards him. He got hold of his broom and quickly mounted on it.

"Umph!" Harley fell down hard on the forest floor. She took out her wand, "Lumos." She walked down the path, clutching her broom when she stepped on something liquid and glistening. She followed the trail of the glistening liquid when she then discovered a lifeless figure-a unicorn. She took a few steps closer when she suddenly heard something hiss. She pointed her wand to the direction of where she thought the source of the noise was from but nothing was there. When she then turned back to the unicorn, a cloaked beast crouched to its neck and she heard what she thought was the noise that is being made when you sip something. She was as still as a statue, shocked. The light from her wand still alit, she just hid it behind her back. After the cloaked beast seemed to have sucked all of the unicorn's blood, it looked up and Harley saw the face of the beast that sucked all the blood from the innocent creature. The next thing she knew, she was running, and that beast was following her. She ran deeper into the forest when she stopped and looked back to see if that beast was following her, he was not. Now that Harley felt like she wanted to leave this place, she couldn't. She accidentally dropped her broom where the lifeless unicorn was probably still there. "Wonderful," she sighed to herself. That's when she heard cracks and rustles of twigs and leaves. Her wand ready, she was also ready for what was coming. That when she saw the humungous spider. It was probably bigger than Hagrid! She was lost-lost for words and literally lost. If she were to run any further, maybe she could be even more lost than ever! The humungous spider was already crawling towards her, it swung one of its legs and hit her shoulder and made her fall, after her back hit a tree, "Incarcerous!" she said and suddenly, the giant spider was tied up, but, a few seconds later, regained strength and was starting to rip the rope apart. Harley screamed. "Arania Exumai!" she turned around to see a boy holding out his wand. The giant spider was then knocked off to his back. "Are you alright?" she then recognized who the boy was, it was Seth. "Um, yeah," she said as Seth helped her up. As she did, the giant spider did the same and headed for the two. "Arania Exumai!" both Seth and Harley said at the same time, which luckily had twice the effect on the spider.

"Harley?" Harry's voice was heard. "We're right here, Harry!" Seth called out. Seth had bandaged up the wound on her shoulder which was slashed by the large spider.

Later that afternoon, Harley was out of the Mdm. Promphrey's clutches and was able to catch up with her brother. But before she was able to enter the Gryffindor tower, she saw Seth leaning against the wall. "Hey, super hero. Thanks for saving me back in the forest," she said. Seth nodded and then Harley remembered something, "Hey, why were you in the forest while most of the students were at the match?" Seth straightened his posture, "Well, you got half of your answer already, most of them were there at the game but some of us had to do some other things. The other half though, you'll find it weird or creepy," with that, he was starting to walk the opposite direction as Harley was. He then stopped and turned around to face Harley, "Get well soon."

In the common room, Harry with their friends then started to question Harley. After Harley had told her story, most of them were silent. "You know what? I don't get it. Why Seth was in the nick of time when Harley needed help," Hermione's said. "Maybe he was stalking Harley," Ron snickered and Ginny and Harley slapped him at both shoulders. Hermione rolled her eyes and so did Harry, "I'm having suspicions about him," she said. "Harley, this may be for your own good but stay away from Seth, just as of the moment since we're not so sure about him," Harry said. "Ooooooooooohh, Harry's playing big brother!" Ron teased and that's when Harley, Hermione and Ginny flicked their wands, Harry then saw that Ron literally had a zipper, locking his upper and bottom lip. "How'd you---" Harry asked in astonishment. "We did a little research," Harley said absent-mindedly, deep in thought. Why was Seth just in time when Harley was in need of help? And what did he mean by Harley would find his answer weird and creepy?

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