The Case

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His heels of his oxfords clicked against the cement as he reached the doors of the cafe. He kicked something with his foot and looked down.

A purple iPhone and Walker knows only one person with a purple iPhone.

He takes a glove and a small ziplock bag from his pockets. He opens the bag and puts on the glove before retrieving the phone and placing it into the bag.

After doing so, he enters swiftly with Detective Luther beside him and they walk up to the counter.

Both flashed their badges, "Hi I'm Detective Walker and this is my partner Detective Luther. We're investigating a possible kidnapping. A girl, she looks like this."

Walker placed a picture of you on the counter, the worker takes a long look at it before he looks up at his surroundings.

"Sorry, I ain't see nothing." The worker says

He tries to push it back but Luther stops him,

"Look really hard." He pushes

"Look man, I said I haven't seen anything."

"But you're lying." Argues Walker

"I'm not." The worker replies

"You circled the room with your eyes, took a cautious breath when you did it also. Indicates you're lying to the both of us. So," Luther stares closely as his name tag, "Kai, be honest." Luther says smugly

The worker looks around the room again before taking a napkin and writing something on it quickly before sliding it towards them with the picture.

"Like I said, I haven't seen anything. Now please leave." He spoke softly before walking towards the kitchen

Walker picks up the picture and napkin before exiting the cafe with Luther.

"What's it say?" Luther ask as they enter their vehicle

"'They're everywhere. No where is safe to talk. If they have her then let her go.'" Walker reads after they're comfortable in their car.

"What does that mean?" Luther ask

"It means The Suits have her—"

"No, Jihyun and Areum wouldn't allow that." Luther says

"I know.. so that means something has probably happened to them as well."

"So what do we do, Liam?"

"I don't know, Shawn. But we're going to start by going to The Kim's household." Walker says before he turns on the engine and pulls off.


You laid on your floor and stared at the ceiling, you've done this a lot since that night. You wondered which of your 'protectors' was the one that put a bullet in them but, subconsciously you already know.

You were conflicted, it's not like what they did didn't save you but it was a life for a life and you felt guilty for that.

You lifted your arm to the ceiling and closed one eye. You clenched and unclenched your fist at the ceiling. Doing anything at this point for a little entertainment.

*Knock knock*

You slowly rise from your laying position to a sitting one as the door opens. A full head of mid-length black hair pops out from behind the door.

His doe eyes stare worriedly into your own, now widened, eyes.

"I have dinner." He says shyly

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