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"Yeah yeah whatever" Midoriya sighed.
Kurogiri opened up a portal and sent Midoriya away to Hosu.

Midoriya looked around, he took his bracelet off and stuck it in his pocket.

Midoriya Could feel fresh negativity set in the air.
One of death.

Hm, it's coming from an alleyway 3 blocks away.
It could be stain, I need to hurry" Midoriya thought to himself as he jumped onto the rooftop and started leaping building to building.
His face and hair were covered so he wasn't too worried.

He slid down a latter and into an alleyway, a hero laid dead.
"Stain definitely did this.
But where is he?"

Midoriya looked at the ground and noticed a trail of blood.
He followed it with his guard up.

As he was about to make a turn someone suddenly put a blade to his throat.
He froze.

"Who are you and why are you following me?" A raspy voice hissed.
Midoriya chuckled a bit.

"Answer fool!"

Midoriya absorbed the negativity, his eyes going from black to white with a black ring around his iris.
He looked at stain directly.

"Those eyes...
You're the mystery suicide.
What do you want!?"

Midoriya put his hand up and put his bracelet on.
He deepend his voice.

"You're correct.
As you can see I'm working with the league and they wanted to meet you.
Do you think it's possible?" Midoriya asked.

"The league?
That's just a group of man childs with nothing better to do than kill.
I don't want to be associated."

"You're wrong.
We have similar goals.
Take a minute and just meet.
If you still refuse to join we'll just let you go"

Police siren's could be heard in the distance.

Midoriya grinned from under the mask.

"Kurogiri, warp gate" Midoriya said In a voice message text.
Shortly a warp gate opened and the 2 escaped from the scene.

Kurogiri was tracking his location.

"What did you people want" stain hissed.
Midoriya went over to a seat and chilled, he'd need to go out in a bit so he kept the disguise on.

"We want you to join us"

"What are your goals with this?
My goal is to purge the world of fakes.
Only real heroes like all might deserve their fame."
Stain spat.

"Our goal is to cause chaos all over Japan by getting rid of heroes and destroying the hero system"

"Tch, we need heroes.
Without heroes there won't be any order!
Everything will be sloppy, no where would be safe!" Stain said.

"But wouldn't it be nice to live in a world with no rules?
No one to force you to do things you don't like."
Shigaraki said.

"Wouldn't it be amazing to see all their upset, scared, mad, angry faces?
No order, pure chaos.
That's what I want.

The negativity would be everywhere, I'd thrive" Midoriya added.

"You're all psychopaths.
I refuse to join this league.
Not until you change.
What's your true goal with this!?
What are you achieving.

You have no proper convictions" stain said as he ran to the exit and escaped.

We just said our conviction" Midoriya chuckled.

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