The Date

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"Oh....okay." You sit up a bit more in your chair before staring deeply into the mans eyes.

Like always, a lot fills your mind unwillingly and you begin to speak your thoughts.

"You're familiar to me, but that could just be because we met at the party."

He nods,

"They're dark, you're hiding something and you're scared of whatever you're hiding."

He doesn't give you and indication of whether you're right or wrong but you continue.

"Not because you think what you're doing is wrong—no, you do think it's wrong. In fact, you don't want whatever you're hiding to continue."

You feel the air growing thicker, your heart drops as something familiar builds inside it,

"Jungkook?" You whisper and his eyes widen before you quickly sit back and shake your head nonchalantly

"Ah sorry! Someone I used to know used to wear his heart on his sleeves like you do with your eyes. You remind me of him."

You see how the three men glance from one another.

"Who was Jungkook?" N.J ask suspiciously

"Well I don't want to ruin our whatever this is-"

"Date?" K.T ask as he cocks an eyebrow

"Is this a date?" You ask shyly

"It is now." He smiles

"Jungkook...How could—who was he?" J ask

"He was one of my protectors." You say the word with a hint of mystery as you laugh to yourself

"I wasn't really liked as a kid.r" You say, "When they came they made me feel welcomed, like I belonged with them."

"Them?" N.J now ask

You nod, "There were seven of them."

They all look at each other

"Where are they now?" J ask

"I don't know and I honestly don't care. When I was 12 they did something that I believe was just awful and I-I can't-I won't-" you take a second to breath as your eyes lower to the floor , N.J rubs your back and you smile softly,

"I'm sorry. I've ruined our date haven't I." You say

"Here... have a sip." J says reluctantly

You nod and take the coffee from him before taking a sip.

"Thanks." You say before placing it down, "can you all excuse me for a moment?"

They all nod and you stand, walking outside for a moment.

You pull out your phone and dial the department,

"Yea? This is Detective Walker."

"Hey Walker."

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