Chapter 15

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Peter lead the way out the large front door of the house. They got into the car. Peter turned the key many times, but the car wouldn't start. Peter became frustrated.

"Come on let's go," Peter commanded.

Sarah obeyed; she Followed him out of the car.

"Where are we going?" Sarah questioned.

"I don't know we will take a car from one of the neighbors," Peter explained.

Sarah followed Peter three houses down from theirs. It was a significantly smaller house than the Meyer's. It had red bricks and the roof was a brownish color.

Peter walked into the driveway with Sarah right behind him. She had a bad feeling about this.

"We can't just steal someone's car," Sarah said.

"Yes we can," Peter responded. "Go around the back to see if anyone is home. I'll stay here and figure my way in," Peter explained.

Sarah obeyed, and disappeared behind the gate of the house. Peter looked around to see if there was any key, or maybe a window open. Nothing. It was like this person has his house locked down every time he leaves.

Peter grabbed a rock from the ground. He was about to throw it when the garage started to open. He heard the noise of a running car. A white Sadan backed out of the garage when Peter jumped in the why. The car halted.

"Hey buddy get out of the way!" the man in the car screamed.

Peter came around to his window, and bashed the rock into the man's head. He let out a screech. The blood poured out like a red river. Peter reached inside the car, and opened range door. The man came stumbling out. He tried to crawl away, but it was no use.

"No survivors!" Peter screamed.

He took the rock, and bashed into his skull even harder a second time. The man was dead.

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