Chapter Fourty Eight

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Hello peeps! I have seen some of your concerns about me killing off Chicken. Do not worry, Chicken is here to stay! Lol just had to clear that up ^.^


Draco was organizing his boss's paperwork. He had to do it the way she wanted it because if she caught one tiny mistake, she would make him do it all over again.

He put the bills with the bills, the contracts with the contracts, the essays with the essays, the applications with the applications, ordered them essays, contracts, bills, and applications, then started on a new pile.

Then he had to sweep her office, take all six piles of paper work to her second office, get her lunch, put a fresh bouquet of flowers in her vase, and about another thousand things.

He was on his way of taking the second stack to his boss's second office when a man who was his boss's work partner told him to go to the first floor. Something about there was a letter that just arrived for him.

He gave the man the paper stack and went down to the first floor.

He looked around. How was he supposed to find this letter?

He went to the main desk and asked the woman for a letter.

"Addressed to who?" She asked.

"Uh, Draco Malfoy." He said.

"Oh, yes. This arrived about five minutes ago for you." She said.

She handed him the letter.

He went to a private spot and opened it.



Hermione and Amy were at your home.
They threw you a tiny baby shower, and they were still expecting George, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Luna, and Neville.
Amy and Hermione already gave you their gifts.
Amy gave you some bottles and Hermione gave you a soft little stuffed toy frog. When you shook it, it sounded like a bell was inside.
"I told the others to not bother with clothing since we don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl." Hermione said.
Chicken walked in the room. "Miss (y/n), Mr. George has arrived."
You smiled. "Thank you Chicken. Would you like some cookies?"
Hermione also set out various kinds of cookies.
Chicken nodded and smiled, grabbing four chocolate chip cookies.
George walked in, a huge smile on his face and had is arms wide open to hug you. You got up slowly, since your swollen stomach was really heavy.
Draco loved to touch it and speak to the baby within.
George hugged you and then hovered his hands over your stomach and looked at you.
"May I?"he asked.
"Of course." You said.
George placed his hands on your stomach and smiled.
He received a kick from the baby.
"Woah, you really do have a kicker!" He said, laughing.
He handed you the bag he held. "I know Hermione said no clothes but I have a really good feeling that this is useful for both boys and girls."
You opened the bag and in it was  the cutest baby beanie! It was striped with black and white stripes and there was also a cute pair of white button up pajamas.
"Thank you, George!" You said, hugging him tightly.
You went and sat back down on the black couch next to Hermione. Chicken sat on a little armchair special for him next to you.
George sat down as well and you all began chatting, when the doorbell was heard.
"I'll get it!!" Chicken said excitedly, hopping down to get the door.
A minute later, Chicken came in holding Harry and Ginny's hand, Ron following behind with a smile.
You got up to greet them and then a liquidy warmth traveled down your thighs to your legs.
Everyone froze. Then a small pain was felt on your stomach.
"Um. I think her water just broke.." Ron said.
Everyone looked at him.
"What?" He said.
"We need to get her to a muggle hospital." Hermione said.
"Why not just get a doctor from here?" George said.
"Because the doctor will have to come to here and deliver the baby here and who knows how long the doctor will take." Hermione said.
"Hermione, she's in no condition to apparate." Harry said.
"So we take her through a portal." Amy said.
"Have you any idea how far a portal is from here? We would have to walk and we are in a forest region here! Apparating is necessary to get quick service." George said.
"Then there's no choice. She has to have the baby here." Ginny said.
They became horrified when you screamed.
The contractions were getting worse. Chicken was by your side, holding your hand.
"Chicken, can you take her to the nearest guest room and lay her down please?" Harry said.
Chicken nodded and helped you up and led you to a guest room.
"Hermione, Ginny, Amy, I need you girls to stay here and tend to (y/n)." Harry said.
They nodded.
"George, can you send a letter to the ministry right away? Tell Draco to come as quickly as he can."
George nodded and quickly left.
Harry looked at Ron. "You and I will go to Diagon Alley, go to Dr. Smith's office and ask him to come."
Hermione, Amy, and Ginny walked Harry and Ron to the front door.
When they opened it, Neville and Luna were there, about to ring the doorbell.
"(Y/n) is having the baby. Luna can you stay with the girls? Neville, come with us."
When Draco read the letter he ran to his boss's office and asked her to be excused.
"Why?" She asked.
"My wife is going to give birth to my baby!" He said.
She paused then sighed. "Fine. Go."
Draco ran back out and mad his way to the first floor to a fireplace and apparated.
Draco came out of the fireplace in the sitting room. He was glad that fireplace can be used to apparate too.
He saw Harry, Ron, Neville, and George seated on the couch.
When he was about to ask where you were, he heard you scream.
He flinched.
He made a move to go with you but Ron spoke up. "They're not letting anyone in, mate. Only the women can be in there to help. And Chicken."
Draco nodded and sat down, closing his eyes when he heard you scream. It went on for about one hour.
Draco heard Hermione tell you to push, followed by a half scream half pushing down from you.
When he thought he couldn't take it anymore, the screaming and shouting stopped.
It was silent.
Draco's heart was pounding.
Then the guys smiled at the sound of a crying baby.

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