Secrets leaked

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"Izuku Midoriya vs Hitoshi Shinsou!!!" Present mic screamed.
Midoriya walked up onto the battleground as did shinsou.

Midoriya's tail flicked left and right, he was bored.
This wasn't as exciting as he had hoped it'd be.
Killing people was better to him.

"May the match begin!!!"

"I bet life is so easy with a strong quirk like tha-" Shinsou was cut off when Midoriya yawned, tapping his foot on the ground, and threw him out of bounds with telekinesis.

Midoriya didn't feel like wasting time.

Shinsou slammed into the wall and slid down, knocked out.

"A brutal start!
Izuku Midoriya wins the first round!!"

Midoriya left the crowd stunned and silent as he went back over to his seat, for a crowd of over 1k people they were ghostly silent.

"...for the next round we have Hanta Sero and Shoto Todoroki!!!" Present mic said as he brought the crowd back to life.

The 2 teens walked into the battle field.

"Such a 1 sided battle.
But eh"
Midoriya thought to himself as he watched Todoroki freeze Sero in place and win.

The other rounds progressed, people forgot about Midoriya and Todoroki's cold and harsh attacks that ended the round within seconds.

Soon it was time for the second wave, Midoriya vs Todoroki.
Whoever won this would be fighting whoever won against Bakugo and Tokoyami.

Midoriya already knew how this would go.

Midoriya walked down the hall, preparing to go to the battleground when Todoroki suddenly stopped him.
"I have a couple questions.
Answer them"

Midoriya flicked his tail in annoyance and sighed, nodding his head.
He couldn't speak.

"Are you a devil?
Are your parents secretly demons?
Who's secret love child are you??"

Midoriya raised his brows in confusion and annoyance.

Midoriya walked away and onto the battle ground, Todoroki glared at him hard as he went to his side of the battle ground as well.

"May the second wave begin!!"

Todoroki sent out a wave of his ice but Midoriya flew above it.
"Using manipulation I could get him to walk out of bounds.
But I'm curious.

Why won't he use his flames?
1 way to find out" a fangy grin made it's way onto Midoriya's face as he activated manipulation on Todoroki.
He landed, not needing to worry about ice being shot at him.

"Say, Todoroki.
Why won't you use your flames?"

"I don't like them"


"They're like my father's and my father abuses my entire family.
He's the reason my older brother is dead and my mother is in a mental hospital.
The quirk gives me violent memories" Todoroki replied bluntly and out of his own control.

"Ow, sounds harsh."
"Another reason hero society should crumble beneath me"

"Walk out of bounds"

Todoroki turned around and went walking.

"It seems Todoroki it stuck in a mind bug by Izuku Midoriya!!
Will he win this round!?"

Todoroki ended up walking out as Midoriya had wanted, Midoriya released him from the manipulation with a grin and smugly went back to his seat to watch the second to final round.

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