train wreck

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Draco POV:
Walking toward 9 3/4 train station was rather slow , but that all quickly turned around when my heart started to race my veela senses kicking in ,telling me my mates here.yes you heard right I am a veela

My eyes raked the crowds of people some wearing robes ,others not .My mother snapped me out of my trance long enough to say goodbye her blue misty eyes held love ,something my father lucisis malfoy now in azkaban never gave me."Goodbye draco I'm so proud that you made headboy in your last year!" My mother mumbled into my shoulder whist clutching onto me tightly "I love you" I said "I'll owl you as soon as I get into my common room" she nodded "I love you too drakey" I rolled my eyes at the ridiculous nickname.

Everything I've done was to protect her all the lies and sneaking around ,being a death eater was all so my mother narcissa black malfoy would be safe from the dark cruel world .Now finally everything is in place and I can relax knowing she's out of harms way.

Before I boarded the train I searched around for my mate again I wonder what house she's in? My eyes finally landed on my mates back. I found her due to her scent drifting my way ....she smelled of parchment and sharp vanilla extract mixed with a hint of two other males I growled at the thought of two males touching her in the slightest way , she is mine.

dressed in muggle clothes wearing a tight tank top and loose fitting crop top sweater and light jeans . Her back was to me but I could tell she was amazingly beautiful , her from what I can see she had light brown hair but it was all tucked away in a black beanie . she was talking to weaselette let's hope to merlin she's not a part of his Posey, then she turned around , my breath got knocked out of my chest.

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