The Opposite Feeling of Want

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Born of wealth, what could ever possibly be wanted was presented on a silver platter before the realization it was something of want. Through the years as Katsuki's form aged, height, strength, and beauty, he was granted with the luck of both wealth and desirable looks. Now grown so used to having everything he wanted presented to him, that want had become a blurred vision. Want now was hardly a thought or feeling.

Though now his thoughts begin to wonder if what he feels currently is the opposite of want and desire. The disgusting feeling crawling through his skin everytime his fiance called him by an oh so sweet pet name. "Baby, why don't we go out today?" She would whine, so clearly hoping for him to answer yes. And it almost appalled him even more when he answered back with yet another pet name.

He'd still rather deal with the aching disgust in his gut than with the media pestering him about a 'bad realtionship' simply because he didn't want to call his fiance something such as doll or baby.

Oh how much fun he's having now being out with his soon to be wedded wife. Her vibrant pink, curled hair bouncing as she walks from store to store. Her sharp yellow eyes gazing with awe at cute clothes she finds. She was known to be quite the beautiful woman. Katsuki though, couldn't find himself to be attracted to her, no matter how beautiful he acknowledged her to be.

He could manage to put up with her though. While she could occasionally whine at times for things she wanted, she was better at giving him space than all past women his parents would shove him into a relationship with. Maybe that's why he put up with the disgust swirling in him everytime he simply thought of the fact they were a couple.

"Oh, Bakubabe!" Oh God theres that godawful nickname again.

"Have you checked any of your social apps recently? You're a riot lately baby." She hums as she slides into the spot next to him on his once peaceful bench.

"No. I've been dealing with my existential dread, haven't had time to put up with other peoples bullshit." Bakugou mutters with a scowl, his arms overlapping across his slouched form.

"Well aren't you just a sweetheart." Mina snorts as she gives a roll of her eyes. Her phone is shoved into Bakugou's face quickly, and before he can protest he catches a glimpse of a picture of himself on the screen. Vermillion eyes read over all words above his picture with sudden interest.

"Well it's about damn time they noticed someone with such talent." He boasts, smirking as he looks away from the phone and back at Mina again.

"Oh please, your entire career right now is putting on clothes and letting people take photos of you." Katsuki let's his mouth fall, only slightly offended at her comment.

"I'll have you know I've appeared in some movies too." He retorts, turning his face to look in front of him. Mina chuckles loudly.

"As the most unimportant background character, yeah, other than that what've you done babe?" He pauses at this question. He never really has done anything but what his parents wish of him to do. Modeling? His parents idea. Occasional movie appearances? His parents idea. His current engagement with Mina? His parents idea.

Yet he'd never spoken out against doing these things, truly filled with the belief it was for the best of him. In all honesty though, the only thing he wishes he wouldn't have agreed to do was get with Mina. He'd rather have just been friends with her. His parents though insisted it was for the best, that it would bring fame to both families designing companies.

Whatever. Once he was in charge of the company he'd rule it to his own liking. With or without being married to someone.

"Fucking whatever bubblegum fuckface, you career is the exact same type of shit."

"Bubblegum fuckface?" She pauses for a fit of giggles "I'd have to say that's a new one bakubabe. Aren't you just so creative with the nicknames." Mina snickers, giving a gentle shake of her head as she turns her attention to her phone.

The sudden buzzing sound from Katsuki's pocket distracts him from his judging session at every person that walks past. Leisurely he pulls out his phone and looks at the caller ID. Seeing who it is he presses the green button, pushing the phone to his ear.

"What do ya' want ya' old hag? My time is precious you know."

"Katsuki, have some manners for once you brat." He can practically hear how fed up she is at the moment. "Yeah, yeah." Katsuki replies, not at all intending to show manners anytime soon. "Anyways, I've just finished a call with someone I'm sure you'd actually be happy doing business with for once. Toshinori Yagi asked if you wanted to be in his upcoming movie."

Katsuki abruptly stands at this, making Mina flinch slightly as she looks at him in confusion. He mouths "later" to Mina and heads towards the mall's exit. "Are you serious? Ma' tell me you're serious or I swear to God I will run away and never come back." He threatens, picking up pace towards the main exit. "Yes, Katsuki I'm serious what do you take me for?"

Katsuki let's out a sigh of relief, holy shit his idol really wants to recruit him. "Why's he suddenly wanting me to do this?" He questions, joy and a sense of confusion flooding through his system. "Because of your recent popularity among people I suppose has to do with the majority of it. I'm not entirely sure, son." Katsuki simply grunts, now outside of the building with a hand over his eyes to keep the sun from blinding him.

"Though I'm sure you can ask Toshinori as much as you'd like if you agree to meet with him tomorrow." Mitsuki adds. "Are you fucking serious?! Hell yeah I'll meet with him tomorrow." Katsuki smirks, continuing his walking all the way to his car. "Good, good. As soon as you come home I'll tell you all the details I know for tomorrow's meeting than. Do hurry if possible Katsuki, oh and tell Mina I send my greetings to her if you don't mind."

Katsuki simply hums, "already left the mall where Mina is at. Maybe next time if you're quick enough to tell me, old hag."

"Yeah, whatever. Bye, brat."

"Bye, old bitch." Katsuki grins proudly while his mother screams profanities as he casually hits the end call button.

"I fucking scored a role under all might." He mumbles in disbelief. "I. Fucking. Scored. A. Role. Under. All Might." He chuckles some. "I FUCKING SCORED A ROLE UNDER ALL MIGHT!" He happily cheers, arms flailing excitedly. "NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW!!" Katsuki exclaims proudly. Reversing his car, so pumped with excitement he forgets to check his mirrors.

Then there was a "thunk" and a loud groan of pain behind his car. Katsuki sits in silence for a split second, his car parked. "Oh my fucking God what have I done." Rushing out of his seat he runs to the back of his car. Lying on the ground, huddled in pain was a figure with a well off build. Green hair, wild, and untamed upon their head. Constellations of sandy freckles upon their face. Emerald eyes, wide, bright, and squeezed in pain.

And that was how Katsuki Bakugou met Izuku Midoriya for the very first time.


I hope this was an okay first chapter!!! Because in all honesty I thought of most of the events in this chapter on a whim. Please don't mind any spelling or grammar errors, I'll get to them eventually when I have time to re-read through this.

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