Andrews pov

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"Natalie come on we must get going if we are to be on time". I say never shouting because it is self indulgent. "Okay one minute Andrew". she says back. It's times like these I wonder what happened to Beatrice and Caleb, are they happy in their new faction, since are going to visit dauntless I guess we'll see at Beatrice is. "Here I am Andrew let's get into the car". Natalie says coming up behind me.
"Oh honey lock their Susan and Caleb are let's go see how they're doing". Natalie says pulling me over we only have two minutes left before the meeting starts and those hellions still aren't here. "Hello son". "hello father". "Okay if I could get everyone to sit down" Max the dauntless leaders says. "Where are my leaders"?he asks mostly to him self. All of a sudden their is a big commotion outside. "And that would be them". I am repulsed by their behavior, he doesn't care that they are late, and they show up making a big ruckus and he doesn't act surprised. How could Beatrice choose this faction? He comes in with two very young women, and men." Max". The young women starts to whine. "I do not want to hear it Six". A young men is just sitting there laughing his butt off. "You won't find it so funny in a minute Four". "I am Christina I'm originally from candor". "i'm William and I'm originally from Erudite, but I go by Will". "I'm Four". "What that's not fair he didn't say his original faction" shouts Christina. "Does anyone in dauntless know his original faction or name" ask Max. "I do" You don't count six". "Alright that leaves me I'm six". "Real name six" Max shouts. "I'm Tris". "Six"! "Fine my real name is Beatrice, I'm originally from Abnegation, and if anyone calls me anything, but Six I will throw them into the chasm"! "Six" Max shouts while the others fail to remain composer. That's my little girl. how could Dauntless corrupt her so much? This faction is insane. "i'm just saying the truth". "Whatever Six okay so the reason I called you all here is because all the faction leaders will be staying in the dauntless compound" "What why" my daughter shouts! "Because they want to see how our lives are ran". "Okay" Four says covering her mouth. "Thank you Four" Max smirks, "keep your hand over her mouth for a second". "alright Erudite, Abnegation, and Amity will be staying with Four and Six, the rest will go with Christina and Will". Fours eyes almost pop out of his head, he takes his hand off her mouth. "What you can not be serious Max you know who they are". "That's exactly why they're staying with you, from what I saw this morning, it will keep you two from having kids". I am mortified, first of all they're dating, second of all they live in the same house, and third of all what did Max walk in on this morning? I have all these question yet only know one thing, my baby girl isn't in their any more.

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