The Difficult Ones

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You awake to the smell of breakfast and no one in bed beside you.

"Was it all a dream then?" You say with one eye open as you try to wake up fully

You remember going to sleep with Felix on your left and Seena on your right.

Felix was supposed to sleep at your feet but somehow that didn't work out. He ended up cuddling you from the side and so did Seena.

This was a problem for you because you're not the type to cuddle all night. You get hot very easily and it's uncomfortable.

You reach over and grab your phone and begin to read the many notifications.

Maybe J
**20 unread messages**

You eyes double over. Were you reading that right? 20 freaking messages?

Maybe J;
Well if you're up maybe we could talk?

Maybe J;
No? Probably not. Lol you did say Goodnight so you're probably sleeping.

Maybe J;
Is it a good idea to say I'm under the influence too?

Maybe J;

Maybe J;
N.J and K.T want to go to a coffee shop tomorrow. Wanna come?

Maybe J;

Maybe J;
Ah! You're sleeping haha. Forgot.

The remaining messages were the same. Him saying random things to try and get your attention.

You thought it was cute, noticing when he's drunk that he might talk way too much.

As you were about to text back, your phone rings.

Noticing the ringtone, you answer

"Hi daddy." You say groggily

"I told you to call me to pick you up." He deadpans

" I was with Felix so I didn't need to." You argue, confused as to why he's starting shit so early in the morning.

"Ara, this isn't a game. You have some serious people stalking you and you're out here living reckless—"

"Obviously it isn't reckless dad. I made it home with both my friends."

"Oh? And no letters?" He says condescendingly

"I don't know—"

"I bet you have gotten some."

"Jesus thanks for the vote of confidence dad."

"You are making this job so hard, Ara. I'm just trying to keep you safe!"

"I don't want your protection then!"
You shout

"Then who's going to protect you Ara?! Cause they'll break that Felix character like he's nothing!"

"What's your problem with Felix?!"

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