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"This is going to be so much fun! We should have gone to the opening last week." He pouts making me roll my eyes.

"If you don't remember, we had finals last week and had to study. Jake graduated last year so he doesn't have to worry about finals." I reply while gently pressing down on the gas once the light turns green again.


"Errol Flynn Cooper, get your damn hands back into the car before you hurt yourself!" I scold and he looks at me with an amused smirk.

"Are you sure you're a Submissive? You're awfully bossy Denny." He says and I give him an unamused look before focusing back on the road.

"Only with you because your stupid ass needs someone to make sure you don't walk into a busy street while tapping away at your phone." I say seriously and turn up the radio as he goes to complain.

It's the truth and he knows it. Errol may be my best friend since...forever but he's slow. I mean he's smart academically but he's not very smart in everyday life. He's a great guy though so I can deal with his stupidity. He just needs the right Dom to help him out. When we get to the club my eyes widen in shock. Of course the surprisingly elegant sign with The Red Door catches my eye but what distracts from that is the long ass line going down the street and around the corner. Jesus, it's going to take forever to get into the club!

"Don't worry Denny, Jake can get us in." Errol says when he sees my expression.

"How will he do that?" I ask while spotting a parking spot and claiming it quickly.

"He's already in the club and he said he's talking to a Dom. He'll get us in." He smirks as we climb out the old-ish but reliable Honda.

"Okay then let's go." I say while locking my car.

"I texted Jake, he'll meet us at the entrance." He replies making me nod as we quickly cross the street and walk passed all the people waiting.

"There they are, these are my friends I was telling you about Sir." Jake says when we reach the front.

"I'll need to see your IDs." The bouncer, a huge man and a Dom says as I keep my eyes on his bare chest.

"Yes Sir." I say while we fish our IDs out of our wallets.

"Okay, in you go. Remember, if you choose not to wear a bracelet you can be approached by Doms. If you want a bracelet, the table is on the left as soon as you walk in." The Dom says as he hands our IDS back.

"Thank you Sir." We both reply before he steps aside and we enter the club.

"Do you guys want a bracelet?" Jake asks but we both shake our heads which blocks off the kinkier part of the club to non-members. "Okay then, I have to get back to Master Leon. If you guys need anything, I'm in the VIP area."

We don't even get a chance to say anything because he disappears seconds after we enter the showroom, obviously eager to get back to this Master Leon. Errol and I glance at each other before shrugging and going off to find the bar. My eyes scan the packed club and I see lots of leather and skin. It's a lot more packed than the last club I was a member at but this one is downtown and the other was on the outskirts of the city. It's no surprise this one is filled with people. After waiting a few minutes it's our turn at to order our drinks and we both order Roy Roger and sit at the bar since there are no empty tables.

"Hey, Denny you got a Master staring you down at 3 o'clock." Errol says while playing with his straw before taking a sip.

I swirl the ice in my glass with my straw while discreetly looking in the direction Errol said. It takes only a few seconds until my eyes lock onto him. My breath hitches at the sight of such an Adonis and my drink goes down the wrong way causing me to choke. Errol quickly jumps up and pats my back all the while my eyes stay locked onto the Dom even though I know better. I should look down, look away in respect. It's rude to keep eye contact with a Dom without permission. But his blue eyes held me captive but then I notice he's up and moving.

Straight towards me.

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