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(Shinsou and Monama are dating)

Mr.Aizawa put Shinsou in charge of taking care of Bakugou

No one POV:

Class 1A is on a field trip and bakugou stayed back for personal reasons, so now he is staying with Shinsou and Monama because they share a dorm

Shinsou POV:

Me and Monama have been arguing a bit since yesterday. He really wants a little and someone to take care of. Monama is secretly a softie he just puts on a tough brat act around others.

No one in our class is fit for us and no one in our school is a little. We keep yelling at each other since this morning we both want the same thing but yet we have different opinions on the subject

I think we should be patient but he really wants one and doesn't want to wait I mean he already set the room up and has all the materials, I wish we could get a little soon

No one POV:

Bakugou and Mr.Aizawa are outside of Shinsou's door, he is not happy to have to stay with them so he hides behind Mr.aizawa

"Pleaseee can't I stay in my dorm by myself! I dont need a babysitter" Bakugou whined tugging on the bottom of his shirt

"You'll be fine I trust them and I want you to behave." Mr.Aizawa scolded and then knocked on the door, Shinsou opened it Monama right next to him

"Hey dad and..bakugou?" Shinsou said confused and looked at the small boy hiding behind his dad

"I need you to watch him for this weekend" Mr.aizawa said

"Aw does bakugou need a babysitter" Monama said taunting him, bakugou growled at him from behind

"Quit it. Goodbye bakugou have fun and you two better take good care of him" Mr.aizawa said being protective of bakugou as usual then left, That's when Monama got a idea looking the little boy up and down

"Well come in" Shinsou said reaching his handout, bakugou picked his back pack up and grabbed onto his hand, his hand was huge compared to bakugous making him embarrassed, shinsou did his bed not to coo

"We only have one bed but it's big enough for all of us if you're ok with that" shinsou said letting go of the small boys hand, bakugou nodded shyly

Monama POV:

I have the perfect idea that bakugou can be our little!!!

I mean he fits perfectly and he is small  enough for us to carry and he would fit the crib and other little stuff we have!

"Shinsou!" I whisper yelled he looked at me

"Yeah?" He said I whispered him my plan, he gets excited

"We finally found a good fit" he says and looks at bakugou who is looking around our dorm curiously

"Don't move so fast on him though I know you're excited but we have to move slow with him" shinsou said I rolled my eyes and nodded

Shinsou POV:

"Bakugou?" I said he turned towards me

"What is it mind control freak" he spat, we definitely need to fix his attitude

"How about we color and watch a movie!" I say happily he looks at us confused

"Uh sure?" He says Monama goes and sets to the movie up

"Lay down on the bed on you tummy it's better too draw that way" I say and hand him the coloring book and crayons

"This is for kids" he pouts looking up at me

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