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"Dylan, Stop!" I screech as he keeps on tickling me. I hate tickling. I attempt to roll out of his reach but he grabs me and laughs.

As soon as he stops I frown at him "What if I peed?!" I say.

He chuckles "Then I would've gotten you a new pair of underwear." I roll my eyes

"Y/N, I'm so bored." Dylan whines.

"Do something then." I say whilst looking at twitter. One tweet catches my eye

@Randomtwittername: Dylan and Y/N should do The Makeup Tag!! It would be so cute to see Y/N doing Dylan's makeup!

I smile "Dylan..we're making a video and I'm doing your makeup."

He gives me a weird look, "Okay."


"Hey guys! As you can see I'm here with Dylan and we're going to do the Makeup Tag thing." I say.

He laughs "Makeup tag thing?"

I roll my eyes and stick my tongue out at him, "Anyways I'm going to be doing his makeup."

He turns to me and we get started. I grab the foundation and rub it on his face.

He yelps "Gah! It's cold"

I laugh.

A lipstick and mascara time later

I pull a mirror up and hand it to Dylan. His eyes widen at his reflection.

"You made me look like a stripper!"
I smack his arm playfully and turn to the camera.
"So that's it guys! I hope you liked it! Cya later!"

And we both smile. Your guys ship name started trending on twitter after you guys posted it.

Sorry for the shortness thanks for the reads wow!!

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