Sports Festival

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"We had plans" Shigaraki began.
Midoriya sighed, "what is it now?"

"Stain has recently started to make a name for himself as the hero killer.
I'm sure you've already noticed it.
I want him to join the league.
I need you to find him" Shigaraki said.

"Stain's ideology and our ideology don't match, he's trying to purge the world of fake heroes and we're just trying to get rid of heroes in general.
He still wants heroes and justice.
We want chaos.
He won't ever agree" Midoriya explained.

I'm sure there's a way I can convince him, besides if he's going to be killing heroes he might as well help us while at it"

"Tch, whatever.
I'll try I guess but if he doesn't join that's on him, not me."

"He'll die if he doesn't join."

Midoriya nodded his head, "okay?
Now what?"

"That was all the meeting had to be called for"

Midoriya's eye twitches in slight anger, "you mean to tell me this couldn't have been said in a simple 1 message text??"

"No, it couldn't have.
What if someone else decided to read the message.
You're with those stupid heroes and your on the tip of being exposed, sending you a message is stupidly risky."

"I guess you're right" Midoriya groaned.

"What are you going to do about the situation?
You're on the tip of being found out.
If you are, what'll you do?"

"The plan I have in mind will just have to move faster is all.
Run away from UA, of course.
Kill all might.
Destroy the government.

And thrive in the negativity.

"Okay, do that I guess."


The weeks passed by fast and eventually it was the sports festival.
Aizawa was all healed up and could teach like he usually would.

All of class A was seated in the waiting room, they were waiting to be called.
Midoriya was just standing around, bored.
He didn't have his quirk canceller on, he didn't want to forget to take it off.

Suddenly he was approached by Todoroki.

"Midoriya" Todoroki began.
Midoriya stared at Todoroki with his dull eyes.
He couldn't really respond.

"Your quirk is strong but I'm stronger.
I will beat you in this festival and show that I'm the class's actual number 1.
Do you understand?" Todoroki hissed.

Midoriya raised his eye brows, a bit annoyed and confused.
Todoroki was radiating anger however it wasn't directed at Midoriya.

Midoriya could literally see it.

Midoriya shrugged his shoulders and began to walk out, just in time.

"Now welcoming!!!
Class 1-A!!!" Present mic screamed.

The entire class went running out the entrance, the crowd roared with excitement in their presence.

"I can't slip up and use mind control.
If I do I run the risk of getting caught...

They know all my powers but 3.
My ace cards.
Breathing under water
Muscle amplification
mind control.

I already know why Hawks was actually substituting 2 weeks ago...
He suspects me.
He knows.

It's obvious at this point, things are going to be difficult from here on out.
But I still have my ace cards...

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