The Preliminaries Part 2

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"I'm going to tell you the true purpose of these exams" Minato said.

"There's a true purpose?" Sakura thought.

"Why do you think our village holds these exams in conjunction with our allies?" Said the Fourth Hokage.

"I don't know." Said Misha.

"To raise the ability levels of the shinobi and to increase friendship with allied nations of course. But it's important that you understand it's true meaning."

"They're a representation of the battle between allied nations." Minato said.

"Huh?" Thought everyone (- Naruto or Levi)

"What's that supposed to mean?" Said Ten Ten.

"If we look at our history all the countrys that we are allied with were once neighboring nations that continuously fought for power. In order to avoid destroying each other's military strength meaninglessly nations choose champions to do battle on behalf of their country's at an mutually selected place. That's how the Chunin Exams originally came from. " Minato explained.

"Ya ya that's great and all but why do I have to do these exams then I'm stronger than all of these people dad and you know it (Shut the f--- up b----). "

"What a daddy's girl" Thought Naruto.

"And it's not like we are doing the Chunin Exams to pick Chunin to fight." Misha complained.

"What an idiot." Thought Levi. (There's a reference in there)

"I'm sorry princess but it's mandatory that you have to do these exams to become a Chunin and pass (Shut up as well 😡). But actually there is no question that part of the point of these exams is to select Shinobi worthy of becoming Chunin but that's not the whole story dear. " Minatoe explained.

"These exams also allow for a place where Shinobi can carry the pride of their nation on their back and fight against ninja from other nations to fight for their lives." Minato explained.

"Many feudal lords and people of prominence from many nations come to this exam as guest. And also to possibly find shinobi to work for them this exam can determine the course of your ninja dutys from here on out. Those Kages will watch your battles and take notes of your strengths that ninja from different hidden villages is developing. If there is a gap in power between these countries the stronger nations get lots of job requests for their ninja. The request of nation named weak, and are declined. So the stronger our village is the better our position is at negotiating with other countries. So it is very important that we show how much strength our villages has. " Minatoe said

"But why is necessary we have to risk our lives dad?" Misha complained.

"Well sweetie because our country's strength is the Village's strength and the Village's strength is the Shinobi's strength. The true strength of a Shinobi is created only in a fight for their life. This exam is a chance for each nation to display the strength of their Shinobi and the strength of the nation. It is because this exam is where your life is on the line that it has meaning. It is for this very reason and for the strength of the nation that your forerunners fought in this exam it is a dream worth striving for. " Minato explained.

"Why did you use the expression 'friendship' before then?" Ten Ten asked.0

"Don't have the wrong idea of the exams meaning. This is a custom where balance is preserved by fighting and dying in the world or the shinobi. That is friendship. The third exam is a fight for your life with the pride of your village and your dreams at risk." He explained.

"Now without further ado let us now begin the preliminaries exams!"

Sorry for extremely late post and how it is so short I had writer's block and now it's gone I might write and post another chapter today so yeah and thank you for 7k+ reads. Also the image is not mine. P.S I took too extra days to edit this because it was a little too much info that you would already know from watching Naruto.

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