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Iida POV:

It's are second year and bakugou is still putting his feet on the desk, I've been asking for over a year now and he still doesn't listen

I'm known as the "mom" of 1A just because I'm the most mature and nurturing apparently, they even all call me mom and bakugou is known as the "baby" of 1A he is the shortest and the cutest and he sure acts like one. He doesn't mind the nicknames we all have for him

I do tend to be easier on him then the others but to me he is just fragile, yes I know hes not and he is a teen BUT is it so wrong that I see him as a baby. But he isn't getting off easy today

"Bakugou. Feet off table now." I say he looks at me and just rolls his eyes, I stand up and walk over and pick him up bridal style

"Hey what the fuck!" Bakugou yells

"Enough you're already in enough trouble" I say not caring, he gulps getting scared

"Shitty hair help me!" He yells reaching his little arms out towards him with the puppy dog eyes no one can resist

"Sorry bro... it looks like you're in a LOT of trouble and I don't mess with a mad mama" kirishima says with a nervous smile

"Ooh looks like you're in trouble with mom" little lightning bolt" kaminari says scared himself, bakugou pouts

Ugh he doesn't even know how cute he can be, I carry him out of the class he struggles the whole way

"Mommy pleaseee I'm sorry!!!" He whines I almost want to let him out with a pass but I can't

"No. Now stop it" I say he cuddles into me

Ugh he makes it so hard

"I'm not mad baby... you just need to learn your lesson" I say he pouts harder, I walk into my room

"Corner 30 minutes if you turn around you are getting a spanking" I say sternly he looks at me with teary eyes and walks to the corner and sits looking up at me with his puppy dog eyes

"Face the wall bakugou." I say he sighs and turns

"I will be here the whole time I will tell you when your done" I say he nods

"A verbal answer"

"Yes "mommy" he says sarcastically

"I'd quit that attitude little one " I say sternly

"S-sorry" he says

"Its ok baby"

20 minutes later

"Um mama?" I hear bakugou say nervously

"Yes?" I ask putting my book down

"I need the restroom..." he says looking down

"You can hold it you only have 10 more minutes" I say and go back to my book

"But mom-"

"What happened to mommy?" I say jokingly, he huffs

5 minutes later

"I really have to go please!" Bakugou yells

"You have 5 more minutes, you're a big boy you can handle it" I say to focused on my book

It was a little silent and then I hear sniffles. that snapped me back to reality, I look over and bakugou is crying in a puddle of piss

"Oh baby I'm so sorry this is my fault" I say and go over and comfort him

"Let's get you cleaned" I say and pick the crying boy up, I change him into my clothes that are huge on him may I add. He looks so cuteee

"Hey this isn't your fault" I say he sniffles and looks up at me

"But I couldn't hold it like a big boy..." he says sadly I cant help but coo

"No you are its 100% mamas fault" I say, he giggles

"Haha it is mama's fault" he giggles I tickle him all over.. gosh his cute little giggles are everything to me.

"Let's go see the others and dont worry this will be our little secret just between mommy and his favorite child" I say he laughs

"I'm mommy's favorite!" He says proud

"Yes you are!" I say and give him a piggy back ride down stairs



"Love bug!"


Everyone says hi to bakugou he gets down from my back and runs to them hugging all of them, he is always soft when we get to the dorms

"Mama put me in the corner for a whole 30 minutes!" Bakugou explains the whole class gives a dramatic gasp

"How dare you do that to are baby!" Mina says playfully and picks bakugou up spinning him in circles

"Mommy help!!" He yells

"Mama to the rescue!!!!"

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