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Ikk I skipped this chapter but that was on purpose but here's the picnic chapter!

"Okay so I did some thinking, and I know this would look good on you." Tubbo said walking out of the closest with a dress.

(My homies who need that visual help, I got you. Don't gotta look like this,, just what I had in mind.)

Earlier I had let Tubbo choose something for me to wear while Dream prepared stuff outside

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Earlier I had let Tubbo choose something for me to wear while Dream prepared stuff outside. Tubbo had chosen out the jewelery and shoes, all that was missing was the dress. He had gone into my closet minutes prior talking to himself. Walking in and out if the closet to se if it matched.

Now he was standing in front of me with a dress that looked beautiful. "Alright so, do you need help changing?" He asked handing me the dress and closing the doors to the closet.

"Nope, might need welp with zipping my dress up though, so please do stay around."

"Alright." He beamed he started to arrange some things in my room for fun, such as group earrings with necklaces that would look good and such.

"So Tubbo what's your plan for the future?" I asked out of the blue. I knew he was a lawyer, and a good one too, but was that all he wanted to do, because if not I'm gonna try my best to help the best I can.

"Get bitches." Nevermind, don't think I can help with that.

"That's an unusual plan." I say chuckling.

"But a plan is a plan, and I shall follow through with a plan!" He says laughing. I finish putting on my dress and I sit down at my vanity mirror. I go for the necklace Tubbo had picked out for me, but he quickly picked it up.

"No, no, no, I'M putting on your jewelry." Tubbo said laughing. My heart melted ad he helped me out. If only he knew. "And done!" He exclaimed!

"You are actually pretty good at putting stuff together Tubbs! Look at you!"

"What can I say, I'm quite the fashion icon."

"Is that now?" I day taking out to.e eyeliner to st least make my eyes pop.

"Yep," he said watching me intensely. "How are you not scared of poking out your eye?"

"Well practice I guess." I chuckled.

"Would you mind if I tried some on?"


*Another time skip for my lovely time skip namer to share their creative titles with us*

"So, what do you think?" I said turning to Tubbo who was now inspecting himself in the mirror.

"OH I LOVE IT IT LOOKS SO PRETTY?" He exclaimed jumping up and down. "OH CAN I GO SHOW DREAM?"

"Yeah! Lead the way Tubzo" I say chuckling.

We make our way downstairs, and once we made it to the garden an excited Tubbo showed an enthusiastic Dream his eyeliner. Dream feeling left out begged me to do is eyeliner as well so he could be pretty with us.

Schlatt joined us at some point and was suprisingly pretty sober. He was quiet most of the time just watching the three of us mess around.

We were finally becoming a family.

Hopefully nothing got in the way.


anyway guess who's a high schooler now....


OKAY OKAY IM DONE but a little exictied ykyk

Also for a friend how do I get someone to like me?

Okay okay I'm done for real this time.

Anyway my lovelies it's great to have you here! Get some food, water and most importantly SLEEP! love you all get some self care done and remember, I truly am proud of you <3


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