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This shit is cringy at the beginning but it gets better eventually 😭💀

Y/n Malfoy POV

I woke up to see my mom narcissa Malfoy.

"Wake up honey we have a huge day before us" she said walking over opening a big shade she opened up letting the sun take in.

I looked up at her my vision blurry from just waking up.

"Come on you have a long day before you and you need to get a really elegant, gorgeous dress for today"

"What is today" I asked.

What the hell is today? why is it so important?

"Just chose a good dress"

As she said that she left the room leaving me alone and AWAKE.

I stood up from the bed even if I didn't want to.

I went to the bathroom.

Taking of my clothes off I went into the shower feeling the hot water touch my burning cold skin.

Why is it always cold in the manor.

I stopped the shower once I was done I open the curtain to see all the fog in my bathroom.

I stepped out of the shower feeling the cold floor hit my bare skin.

I grabbed my towel and put it on.

I open the door to see more fog leaving the bathroom.

I went over to my walk in closet to see a bunch of clothes I looked for a dress until I found a perfect one.

(This is the dress you can change it if you want)

(This is the dress you can change it if you want)

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I put it on feeling the fabric on my body.

Man I really don't like how the fabric feels after I shower.

I brushed my hair and dried it.

I open the door and closing it behind me.

I walked down the stairs to see the meeting room doors closed and Voldemort and Mattheo waiting there.

My family there as well.

"Mom" I whispered softly to her she looked at me smiling widely.

"Love the outfit sweetie pls wait here with Mattheo as we talk to our lord" as she said that I looked at Mattheo with a death stare who shot one right back at me.

They walked away I looked back to see my dad talking to Voldemort aka dark lord.

I looked at Draco who sent me a look of help.

I mouthed to him a soft sorry as he stocked up the middle finger at me.

I looked back at Mattheo who seemed to be in his thoughts.

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