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dedicated to  @sonofabi- because they made me laugh

dedicated to  @sonofabi- because they made me laugh

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Alana was a fantastic liar.

It was amazing to watch as she glided through the room with a relaxed smile and glittering eyes. She looked like she was on the moon, like she couldn't believe that she was by my side. Alana played the part of happy in love tremendously well. I hated that she could play it so easily.

I've welcomed and thanked so many people in the past hour that I can't help but grow bored of this entire thing, quickly. Being the center of attention was not as easy as you would think, especially when everyone is practically froathing at the mouth to see you fuck up. It was giving me a headache and we were only an hour into the festivities.

"Miss Grey," a gravelly voice greeted me and Alana went completely stiff beside me as I twisted around to see who wanted my attention. Mr. Salvatore was terrifying. He looked just as regal and powerful as his portrait and that sent goosebumps across my skin.

"Hello." I greet casually before placing my hand on Alana's back. "If you'll excuse us."

"I won't." He replied. "Alana."

"Father." Her voice was hard like steel as she spit out the word like it was an insult. Her face softened at her mother before gathering in confusion at the sight of her mother in a wheelchair. "Momma?"

"Hello, my sweet baby." She says before reaching out to take her hand. Alana does so before slightly squatting to look at her mother in the face. "Do not worry about how I got this little accident," I smirked as I take a sip of champagne. "How are you?"

"I am very good, Momma, Francesca has treated me considerably well, thank you."

"Oh, yes, I have. I have taken very well care of your daughter and all of her needs. A immeasurable amount of times." Alana shoots me a glare at my distasteful comment.

"Be careful, darling, or word will spread that when I seemed satisfied by your care that I was lying to please you." She says through gritted teeth.

"I see you've disappointed me, yet again." Mr. Salvatore grunts out. He seemed completely unfazed by the conversation and it's very obvious innuendos. Instead he had been glaring down at Alana as if she was shit under his leather shoes.

Alana's face went rigid, "Papa, always a pleasure to do so."

Before I can stop it, Mr. Salvatore has Alana's arm in his large hand. He yanks her forward before breathing into her face. "You are destined for hell."

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