Chapter 4

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I ended up up in a little bakery about 4 blocks away from our hotel. I just didn't get it. How could she be so rude. I don't even know if she meant it at this point. But I do know that I made the biggest mistake by coming down here with her.
I sat for a while, sipping on my white mocha. I liked watching the bakers decorate the cupcakes and make everything look perfect. That's what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a baker. Just watching them made me think about how life is fragile. And how I can't be mad forever. Especially for a whole month at someone who I considered my sister.
So I slowly walked back to our hotel, and found the guy Cookie was talking to sitting in the lobby.
"Hey. Um, do you know where the girl you were talking to went?" I asked awkwardly.
"Yeah. She went up to her room I think." He scratched the back of his head. I went up to the front desk and asked the manager if she had left me a room key. And luckily, she did.
I went to the elevator and pressed the three button. And of corse, there was that really weird elevator music. The one that once you heard it, it wouldn't come out of your head.
When I reached our floor, I looked for room 13m. It was at the very end of the row. I unlocked the door and reluctantly went inside.
"Oh. My. God!" It was incredible. It looked like a mini house! The walls were an eggshell white, and there were multiple doors leading to, who knows where! Two, what looked like, queen size beds. And on one of them laid Cookie. She was doing, what looked like, homework. I walked closer and realized she was studying. She was studying French. She saw me and got up. She them came over and started crying on my shoulder.
"I'm.. S...o sorry! I don't k...know what I was th...thinking! Please forgi..forgive me!" I didn't reply. I just let her cry there. I didn't even listen to her. I was thinking about only one thing. Daniel. I felt like I needed to talk to him. I just had this feeling. And it hurt me on the inside.

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