Get to know Zech

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AYUPPPP! Zech/Dax here😋
First, i use he/him ze/zim ONLY so pls dont refer to me with any other pronouns even they/them pronouns it makes me uncomfortable D;

I am male!^^ I am a minor so please don't sexualize me</3
I am also taken so Don't flirt with me!>:(

When I'm I'm not writing stories I usually unironically write words twice like I, don't, I'm, ect ^^

Okay now time to the big stuff hehe;

I'm usually asleep or playing genshin! I rlly like writing, photography, drawing, music analysis, writing music and gaming! I I really REALLY like genshin, hehe! I'm really hyper >:). I I make deez nuts jokes and ur mom jokes hehehe



max, Nikki, David and Gwen from camp camp!
Nagito, Kokichi, Hiyoko and Chaiki from Danganronpa!
Childe and Zhongli from Genshin!


I am very gay, men MMMMMMM
I I simp for basically all the genshin men 🤭

I am very gay, men MMMMMMMI I simp for basically all the genshin men 🤭IM ALSO DOING YOUR MOM AHAHHA

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