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(You Pov )

I had to show Sesshomaru things like he wasn't even from our time. How much of his memory did he lose? Years? As he tried to eat breakfast once more I try to back off on trying to help. His fingers flex like he was used to holding chopsticks. My eyes went to the area where I kept my chopsticks. Sesshomaru once more gave an irritated growl. I got up and got the chop sticks setting them in his line of sight. Relief seemed to fill his face. I watched silently as he used expert hands eating his food without issue. Smiling to myself I pack my lunch for work. I have stayed home with him for a couple of days to settle him in. Sexual tension seemed to follow close behind. Even now I caught myself thinking back last night. Had he heard me touching myself to the memory of what he looked like in the shower? "Are you sure you'll be okay," I asked packing a cold ready lunch for him. I didn't trust him to heat it up just yet. I look back to him blusing when I realized he was checking me out. "If anything I'll try to find my way back to the pond ," he looked back at his food picking at it just a bit ," see if I remember something." My heart ached for him , what would I be like without my memories? I grip the packaging tightly. Maybe in a way that would be better to forget. "I'll be home by six tonight, " I let him know setting the lunch I packed for him in the fridge," I'd rather you be here by then so I dont worry." "Miss me already," his tone went from serious to teasing. His teasing tone had me twisted up in knots especially since I caught that little smirk. I move to take his now empty plate but his hand caught mine, the air becoming thick with sexual tension. "Can't you call off one more day," Sesshomaru asked his tone laced with a bit of desire. If I stayed now I knew I'd take him to my room. Pulling away I take my spear key out I hand it to him. "This will unlock the door, " I give him a pointed look trying to break the tension ,"just make sure to lock it before you leave. Don't lose it or you'll be waiting all day for me to come back." He took my hand back and brought it to his lips as if respecting my decision. "You have my word," he kissed my hand sending that delicious tingle through me ," I will not lose it." Sesshomaru held my hand gazing into my eyes. It wasn't till my phone sounded did I realize that I was staring at his lips about to throw caution to the wind. My eyes flash up to his eyes seeing hot desire in them. I squeak softly and take my hand back. "I need to go or I'll be late," I grabbed my lunch, purse, keys and phone. Before I could leave he pulled me to him. My knees seemed to knock together as he pulled me up to his chest. My free hand resting on his chest. He leaned down slowly and kissed my forehead. "Until then," he gently let me go. I found myself reluctantly leaving. The cab driver looked irritated that I had kept him waiting.

( Sesshomaru Pov )

Though I was human in this time I felt a bone deep instinct. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands to myself much longer. Yes I wanted to find the pond, maybe it was the portal. However I also wanted to do something for her as well. Yes I've been putting off telling her what I was let alone what time I was from. It was selfish but I didn't want to lose her. Especially since I don't even have her to begin with. Before I set out for my task I tried to update myself on the human interactions. How to as they call it wine and dine a human. To woo them, it was my only hope that she'd come with. One thing was for sure, I would tell her the truth of my time tonight at dinner. Centering myself I copy her movements locking the front door. I held a bag that contained my lunch and what I thought I might need. Hunting was to easy when I was a pure blood. Surely hunting like a human wouldn't be as hard.

( You Pov )

I got home holding groceries and a stock of my favorite wine. I figured it was only fair I got something he might like to cool his nerves. The only thing I could think to get was sake. Unfortunately they only had a raspberry flavor. I sigh more to myself. It was a first time on a long time I had to plant a fake smile on my face. To hide my misery at home unlike other times before it. The moment I opened the door I stumbled a bit at the smell. It smelled incredible and my stomach let out a snarl. Heading to the kitchen I set the groceries down noticing that the kitchen was as messy as I had left it earlier. So did that mean he ordered something? I put away everthing but the sake and wine. Sesshomaru came into the kitchen and smiled a bit. My heart seemed to flutter as he offered his hand. I playfully hands him the sake. He moved it to his other hand and held out the same hand out to me. I took it letting him lead me to the back door. My breath was stolen away at the little picnic that he'd set up. On two plates was a beautiful cooked fish and next to it the cold fresh apple salad. He'd split it instead of eating it for lunch. While my lunch had been stolen again. I look to Sesshomaru who had a blank face on. Waiting for my reaction no doubt. "You know I made that salad for you,"I playfully pout before pecking his cheek ," thank you." His false blank face melted before my eyes. If he wasn't gonna hide how he felt why should I? He helped me sit down before offering me the sake.


( You Pov )

I woke to the sun caressing my bare skin as a pleasant ache between my thighs throbbed. Drunk foggy memories started to come back to me. The steady rise and fall under me started to lull me back to sleep until remembered why I shouldn't be here. The throb of his bite flared at the sudden tension. Like he could read my mind he rubs my back soothing my tensing body. "Do you reget it," the unguarded raw question had me looking up into his eyes. If I said I regretted it I might as well kick him to the streets. My hand went to the bite a silent question in my gaze. His fingers seemed to soothe the ache of the bite as his hand replaced mine. Instead of pressing me further he left it up to me. I had to take in account what he told me last night and how crazy it sounded vs the reality. Hell I've never slept with a man so soon in my life let alone someone who is either lying , crazy or telling the truth. My heart seemed to ache as I made my decision. My head throbbed to the time of the bite. Fuck that sake had a higher alcohol content than I had expected. I rub my temple trying to pull my hungover brain back together.

~There will be a chapter of what happened I promise~

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