Temptation P4

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I walked into the house and sighed and I seen the girls on the couch watching movies, I smiled and went over and sat between them on the couch.

"Hey Daddy, where you been?" Autumn asked

"Working. Where's your mom?"

"I don't know, she wasn't here this morning."

"What you mean?"

"She was upset last night and she went out and we ain't seen her," April said

"Well- Did you call her?" I asked getting worried


"Is she okay? Where is she?"

"She said she was fine and I don't know where she is." they both said

"Uh- Where's MJ?"

"He's with her"

This isn't like Maya.

"You sure she got MJ with her?" I asked

"Yeah, she called and she she was gone take him with her so he could go to school in the morning. Dad, Is everything alright with you and mama?"

"Yeah, Everything's Fine. Listen- Call her," I said

She nodded and April dialed her mother putting the phone on speaker

"Hello?" Maya answered

"Ma, where you at?"

"I'm taking care some business. I'll be home before August gets in" she said


I shook my head telling her not to know I was here

"August, what April?"

"Nothing, Just hurry home okay? I'm worried and uh where's MJ?"

"Maliyah should be on her way over there with him." She said

"Alright, Ma"

"Goodbye, April. Love you, Talk to you when I get home"


April hung up and looked at me

"Okay- I'm not stupid. What's going on between you and mama? Is it because she slipped up and cheated?" The girls asked

"How you know that?" I asked them

"Mama told us last night before she left" Autumn said

"I'm 16 and I know, Y'all just ain't as close as y'all was before. You just gotta know mama loves you and she hates what she did. So, I don't know about this shit but y'all need to work it out." April said getting up and leaving the room

"What's her deal?"

"She's mad at both of you" Autumn said

"I ain't the one who ch--"

"Yeah but, You didn't talk it out with her. Everyone makes mistakes. It's up to us to find forgiveness in our heart." she said getting up and walking out the front door

I sighed and sat back thinking about what the girls told me. I'm not ready right now!
I can't forgive her now. Not now

*Maliyah comes in*

"Hey Li Li, you okay?"

"Yeah, here's MJ. I need to g--"


"I think my water just broke-"


April came downstairs.

"Get your sister, we gotta go."


I walked out of Shemar's house after paying him and the boys and I got in my car and was driving home when April called and told me Maliyah went into labor. I smiled, My baby is about to have a baby
"Oh she's so beautiful." I said holding my grand baby

"Thanks mama" Maliyah said smiling

"What's her name?" I asked kissing her forehead

"Amouria" she said

I smiled, "She's so precious"

I handed her back to Maliyah and April, Autumm came inside. August pulled me to the side

"Where'd you go last night?"

"To take care some business." I answered

"What kind or business?"

"Business with Shemar and your boys"

I looked at him and he looked at me and kissed my forehead and I turned around to walk away but he pulled me back to him where my back was against his chest, he kissed my shoulder and wrapped his arms around my waist, I just too the moment in. I knew he wasn't gone forgive me.

"Um, Let me go" I said to him

"Why? What if I don't want to?" He asked me

"I know you do. So let me go" I said going over to April and Autumn kissing they forehead and looking at the baby

"Maya." August whispered

I ain't say none, Trey came in the room and I felt the tension, August left, Trey walked over and held the baby

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