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(Srry it's a little short)

Also if you have any ideas plz tell me
(No smut)

Bakugou POV:

I wokeup all sweaty and crying with a wet spot between my legs in the middle of the night because of another dream about LOV and my mom

I get off my bed pick my stuffed bunny up and hurry and make my way to Mr.Aizawa's room without making a noise, I could not risk anyone seeing me like this but I'm too scared to be alone

I knock on the door quietly but a bunch of times tell he opened the door

"B-bakugou? Its 1 in the morning what are you-" he started and cut himself off when he saw the state I was in

"Oh baby...come inside" he says softly  like I would break out crying at any moment, he takes my hand and pulls me inside gently

"Babe who is it?" I hear a tired present Mike say I look over and he's half asleep on the bed

"Bakugou and another bad dream" Mr.Aizawa said rubbing my back

"Aw it's okay bakubaby" present Mike says standing up and making his way over and hugging me

"Oh did you have another accident?" He asks I look at the floor and nod

"Come on I got you some new clothes"  Mr.aizawa says leading me to their bed

"Can I change you?" He asks I nod sheepishly, he slowly and gently removes my clothes

"Now you remember are deal?" He asks I blush and nod

Our deal was that if I had another accident I would have to wear pull ups but only for bed and I would be able to not have to wear them again when my accidents stop

He gently slides one on me and then the pjs that are all might themed I giggle at that making them coo

"Ok bedtime lovebug" present mike said crawling on the bed and opening his arms I crawl and snuggle with him and Mr.Aizawa joined and they both cuddled me and whispered nice things to me until I fell fully asleep

"Ni dads..." I mumbled before passing out, both Mr.Aizawa and present mike were shocked but then smiled to each other I feel light kisses on my head

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