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Midoriya laid on his bed, staring endlessly at the ceiling.
He couldn't fall asleep yet again, however Bakugo was knocked out.
Dead asleep, nothing could wake him up.

"I didn't get to go on my daily kill today.
Whenever that happens I can't fall asleep.

And now what do I do?
I can't trust Kacchan to not wake up.
It's risky.
And I also can't trust mitsuki, what if she comes in to check on us?
Too many risks.

I guess I'll just lose sleep tonight" Midoriya thought to himself.

And so Midoriya lost sleep that night.

The next day-

Midoriya sat in class, hardly able to stay awake.
Losing sleep was not a good idea.
Aizawa still hadn't appeared, the class was concerned.

Who would be teaching class if he didn't show up?

"Who do you think is going to be teaching?" Ashido asked as she leaned back, almost toppling over onto Uraraka's desk.

"I have no idea, Mr. aizawa looked pretty bad in the hospital yesterday..." Uraraka replied.

"I'm here" a muffled voice from the door said.
Aizawa came walking in.

The class let out a verbal gasp, he actually came???

The doctors told me I can't teach today so I'm only here to deliver a couple messages.

You will have a substitute.


The sports festival is coming up, I need you all to train hard.
Now that I'm done with the announcements.

Good luck with your sub." Aizawa walked out, leaving a building of anticipation.
Who would be the sub??

A minute after Aizawa disappeared...

Someone else came walking in.


It was...


Is our sub!?
He teaches!?" The class exclaimed.

Hawks chuckled as he stretched out his wings and tucked them.

"Heya I'll be subbing for today cause I got nothing else to do" Hawks chuckled.
Hawks was actually just really bored and he decided that he'd sub for class A cause the job was open for any trusted hero.

Nezu came walking in right after.

"Hello class, I'll explain why he's here in 1 sentence.

He'll be teaching you about his experiences as a hero.

That's it.

Bye bye" Nezu left right after.

"This is so cool!" Kaminari exclaimed.

Hawks smiled in response, "now.
Let's get into some stories, anyone got some snacks?"
He pulled Aizawa's chair from his desk with a feather and sat down at the center of the front.

Kirishima pulled out a bag of chips and tossed it to Hawks.

Alright, no introductions I'll be calling you all by nicknames I make up on the spot.

In general hero work is pretty casual, it isn't common for villains to pop up or decide to kidnap a student on school grounds" Hawks chuckled as he stared at Midoriya.

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