Chapter 2

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We ride our bikes to who knows where. I'm starting to get worried about everything. After who knows how long we get to someone's big land. There's a barn and the map is telling us to go in there.

We sneak our way into the barn and I pull out the thing from my bag. I hear something shaking and it's coming from the tractor. Without warning something pops off and zooms around the barn. I drop the metal thing and I'm pulled behind a hay stack by Alex.

When the piece hooks up to the metal thing it lights up a bit. I cautiously go toward it and pick it up. We decide to ask it yes or no questions.

"Are you from space?" I ask, laying down on my back. It beeps once meaning yes.

"Do you eat humans?" Tuck ask, and it beeps two times meaning no.

"Do you like humans?" It beeps two times again.

"Do you like us?" I ask, and it beeps once. Relieved I cheer a bit.

Munch who seems scared and unsure about everything that is happening ask, "Are we going to die tonight?" It doesn't respond. We all look at each other worriedly, but my gaze sticks to Alex the most.

We ask it questions for two hours straight and we find out: that he is building a ship, he crash landed and is all alone.

We all get up and start following the new map to some pawn shop. We enter it, looking around the shop wondering if the new piece is going to attack us like the last one did. A couple of seconds past, another piece shot around the room and connects to the ship. Knocking down Alex in the process.

"Alex! Are you okay?" I yell, checking on Alex and pulling him up. The ship opens up a bit and we ride our bikes to an alley to take a closer look at him.

"He's amazing. I've never seen anything like him." I say, holding the tiny creature in my hands. Alex connects pin caps to his tiny legs and we watch as the creature tries to walk on them. The creature slips and fall from the dumpster as we dive to catch we notice he hovers.

Alex grabs him and holds his phone, which is how the creature sees, he talks to him. We end up naming him Echo and know exactly where his home is. Everyone gets a chance to talk to him.

"I'm Aurora and I'm different from most girls. I like hunting, sports, adventures, and getting dirty."

After some time Echo gets tired and loses energy. We immediately put him back in his ship and follow the new map he has given us.

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