New school

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As I stubbed at school I saw Jacob standing with a group of friends. there were four tall musclier boy and two girls both with tanned skin and dark hair one of the girls was in a wheelchair and had red highlights at the bottom of her long hair. Every one in that group was beautiful however it was the girl in the wheelchair that caught my eye the most. I knew I saw her face some were before.

"Hi jake!" I said walking up to his friends.
"Hey bells!" He said crushing me in to a bear hug. "guys this is Bella." Jake said to his friends. " Bella this is Quil, Embry, Jared, Paul, Kim and Vina!"
"Did you go to sunny side totes school?" I asked Vina because that's were I thought I knew her from.
"Yer I did! Were you the girl who broke her arm falling off the slide?" She asked smiling at me.
"Yer!" I laughed smiling at her. I could tell we were going to be great friends.
"Well at lest it's better now!" She said sweetly. "can I see you time table?"
"Sure thing!" I said handing it to her. She looked at me and smiled come on we have most lessons together i will show you around!" She said
I ran to Jake gave him a peck on the lips than ran of to see Vina!

Hey guys I would like to give a big thanks to Vina who is in this chapter because she is amazing. Please read my next chapter sorry this ones short. comment vote please luv u guys have a great time hope u enjoy

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