"You're special Muffin... I can feel it."

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"I'm sorry. Forgive me."

Jake is sat on the foot of my bed and I'm cross legged on the top, resting against my pillows. We've spent the last five minutes staring at each other silently until he finally apologised. I look up at him from under my lashes and he grins at me boyishly, looking apologetic.

"You confuse me Jake."

Jake shuffled closer to me, the smile from his face dropping.

"Emily look, I really didn't mean to walk out on you. I don't purposely set out to confuse the hell out of your feelings." He admitted, running his hand through his hair. His expression turned serious and I nodded slowly, knowing there was more to it than that.

He was afraid of something but I didn't want to push him to tell me. If he wanted to, he eventually would.

"I have a reason for why I'm so cold and distant at times but I can't tell you yet. I'm working on it Emily, I really am. I'm not very good at this whole apologising thing," he mumbled, confirming my suspicions.

My lips stretch out into a small smile. All of us have been hurt somehow and we all put up barriers, some more than others. It takes a strong character to be able to admit they've been hurt in the past and I admire Jake for that.

"I can't ask you to do anything other than work on it so we're cool," I reassure him. He gives me a small smile in return. I watch as he inches closer towards me, causing my breathing to swallow out.

"Thanks for being so understanding," he whispers, sending shivers down my spine. His arms wrap around me in an embrace and I return it, grateful for his apology.

"I'm actually a very understanding person." I say in response, earning a chuckle from Jake.

"Don't be so full of yourself Wentworth."

I know he's smirking and when he pulls back, his eyes flash with intensity as he looks through mine. It feels like he's searching every part of me and I blink, suddenly feeling insecure from his stare.

"Can I be truthful right now?" He murmurs, surprising me and resting his forehead against mine. I suck in a breath, forcing myself to breathe normally.

"Yes," I whisper, breath trembling. His gaze flickers between my eyes before dropping down to my lips.

"You are beautiful," he says suddenly, taking me by surprise. I suck in a deep breath, his words causing my stomach to break out fluttering with butterflies.

"You're not so bad yourself Melvin." I say quietly, my heart hammering against my chest. If I remain silent, he could probably hear it.

"You think so Wentworth?" He questions teasingly and instead of making fun of him, I decide to be truthful, once and for all.

"Yes, I do."

I take in his heart wrenching features, from his deep ocean blue eyes to his lips and sharp jawline. I feel Jake watch my every move from the way my shoulders rose and fell as I breathe to the scarlet blush staining my cheeks. He lightly takes hold of my chin, warmth spreading through my body.

"You're special Muffin. . . I can feel it." He whispers, leaning closer.

His kiss never starts soft, lips rough and urgent from the start almost as if he doesn't have the patience for tenderness. I resist at first, my body frozen in place from the surprise of having his lips on mine. The electricity that flows through me quickly becomes addicting and I melt into him, desperate for more. Our lips both move in perfect synchronisation, moulding against each other.

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