Chapter 1: Changing the Mind

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College is a big thing for some people. Like me. But college can also be no big deal to other people. Like Danny Helwerth. He walks around this campus like he owns the place. I'm sick and tired of him being so nonchalant all the time. Just because he is a lord sent to earth with his charming good looks, doesn't mean he can always just fool around.

"Relax, Jenn. You are taking it way too serious." Carly states, pulling up her books up in her arms, trying to get a better grasp on them.

We are walking to my dorm right now, where somebody is sleeping in and ditching class. AGAIN! And if you don't get who that somebody is. It is the one and only, Danny Helwerth.

I know what you're thinking. Why would a guy be my roommate? Well, lets just say that this school is stupid and puts whomever with anyone in the school. I just got unlucky enough to have him as my roommate.

"I am not! He needs to get his ass up! Do something besides humping girls!" I yell, throwing my hand up in the air while I do.

She shakes her head and laughs," We need to take you to a party."

I glare at her and she puts a hand up in surrender. We reach my dorm door and I lean my head against it, pressing my ear on it firmly.

She chuckles lightly," What are you doing?"

I point a finger at her as if saying another word and she is dead. I listen closely to what is inside the dorm. All I can hear is a faint snoring.

Yup. Still sleeping.

I roll my eyes and push open the door, not bothering to be quiet. I say goodbye to Carly and shut the door, walking to my desk and setting everything down.

Ok. Time to organize my assignments I got today. Math is finished, I need to work on my English essay, Spanish worksheet, I need to work on....

"Hiya," Danny speaks right into my ear. I jump at the sudden encounter and closeness.

"Jesus Christ! What the hell were you trying to do?" I yell at him, giving him my best glare.

He just chuckles and smirks at me," You look good today." He looks me up and down about three times before looking back up at me.

"Too bad you can't have me...."

Right after I say that, his lips crash down onto mine, his arms snaking around my waste. I gasp in shock and realize that was a bad idea when Danny's tongue rushes into my mouth. He tastes of mint surprisingly, not of slut.

I try to pull away from him, which only makes him tighten his grip on me and pull my body into his. He cups my butt with his hands and lifts me up off the ground. Instinctively, I wrap my legs around him, not because I wanted to, but because I felt like I was going to smash into the floor if I didn't.

I still haven't kissed him back, but he is still trying to get me to. He takes me and holds me up against the wall. He breaks connection of our lips and trails down my neck.

"Danny! Put me down and let me go! I swear, I'm gonna..." I instantly stop speaking when he kisses the spot. This secret spot pretty much makes me go insane.

It is right at the base of my neck on the right side. Danny licks the spot before biting it softly. I can't help myself from letting out a moan of pleasure.

I can feel his smirk against my skin after I moan. He starts moving his hands up and down my thighs and squeezing my sides.

"Please, Danny. Stop..." I feel powerless to him as he pushes against me even more and brings his lips back up to mine. I still don't kiss him back, but I know I am falling into his trap.

He pulls me from the wall and lays me down on his bed, ripping off his t-shirt and coming back down on me. I lightly put my hands on his chest, trying to push him away. I cant find enough power in my body to do so.

"Danny..." I softly say once more, hoping he will finally find some sense.

He looks me in the eye and it almost seems like he is holding back desire. He pushes a strand of hair from my face," I want you, Jenn. I've known you for a long time. Just because I have a bad history with girls doesn't mean I'll do the same to you."

He pleads with his eyes and I stare at him only for a second before he bends down and kisses me once more. And this time, I kiss back.


A/N: Sorry. Sex details will be in the next part. Don't kill me!

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