Amsal's pov

I took my hand back from his face and looked away ! Coz i know that its going to be damn awkward ! But then he broke the silent "i'm sorry i didn't mean to ! " i looked back at him and smile ! Then i said back to him "no worries ab chAloo apne photos bhi bnani hai ! Soraj dobne wala hai ! " . he noded and start walking with me ! i was checking my phone then i heard a click ! I upper my gaze and saw shehry taking my photos! The he shout "SMILE AMZY " .

I smile back at the camera he took alot photos of me! And took some selfies with me with wierd faces! I was happy then suddenly i heard a cough ! I turned around and saw everyone standing then waqas speak up "picnic pe sirf ap dono aye hain baki hum sb tm dono ka wait krne k liye! "

Me amd shehry were embarassed then everyone start laughin! We took our photos! And in mostly photos i stand with shehry ! He is fun to be around! Then again waqas speak up "hey guys lets go there some random people is dancing lets go and dance!" Everyone aggreed with waqas and start running towards the people! Everyone start dancing ! Suddenly i feel some ones hand on my shoulder ! I turned around and saw shehry ! He ask " mind if i dance with you " i shook my head and start dancing with shehry ! I was having the best time of my life!

Then i looked at the watch its 9 :00 . i told shehry that grab everyone lets go for the dinner! Shehry called everyone ! Everyone  start walking towards the parking lot! I saw shehry looking at the photos that he clicked today! We reach the parking lot! A sat to the driving seat ! Shehry sat at the passenger seat and everyone else at the back ! I drove the car to the Afghan hotel ! Then munch on the chicken tikka and seekh kababs !

We were heading back ! I drop waqas to his place! Then Atif told me that i don't need to drop him ! He's going to sleep at shehry's house i noded ! And saw mona asleep on atif shoulders! I didn't drop her home ! She will sleep at my house!

I parked my car at my home ! I saw shehry slept ! His camera was on ! I took the camera from his lap ! And start watching the photos ! Mostly were mine and his ! I smile lightly at the thoughts that how good we looks together ! I shake shehry's shoulders lightly and he quickly woke up ! I smile and gave him his camera ! I smile at him ! He gave me a sweet smile back !

Then he wake everyone up ! Asim, Ruksana and mona went in the room ! Sain and atif walk to their house! I was walking back to my home ! Then i feel two warm arms holds me from the back ! I turned around and saw shehry ! I hugged him back and then ask "waise ye hugg kis liye ? " .

"Tmhare sath bht rude behave kiya ! Socha is trha tmhara tuta huwa dil jor lun " he replied while scretching his neck's back ! I smile how childish he is ! I noded and smiled!

"Kal uni main milte hain ? " he added . i noded and went to my home! I laid at my bed and start thinking about how shehry hugged me ! How i can see the love in his eyes !

But one day i surely make you admit your love for me Mr. Shehryaar Asif ! Just wait and see what will happen next !

I covered my face with pillow and start giggling on my thoughts ! Then i heard my phone ringing ! I took my phone from the night stand and saw a call from a private number! I attend the call and heard a man speaking with a hard british accent !

"Sorry to disturb you at the night lady but we are very sorry for the article ! The source is fake! And please tell mr . Shehryaar asif to forgive us ! He was so angry after reading the article ! " . this words left me confuse ! I didn't know what to say ! I just end the call ! And dialed shehry's num ! He attended the call after one ring !

I bombard at him with the questions ! "What the hell is happening ? , the freaking hell is going ? Why are you hiding something ? Freaakin hell just tell me shehry ! Or you will never gonna see my face again"

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