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Mr. Ahluwalia ki file kahan hai yaar Sanchi.....

Chill babe why are you stressing yourself on this, Sanchi said while walking close to her.

Sana: I'm stressed Sanchi, last day hai mera yahan I need to leave for India late night aur tu nhi jaa rahi vahan mere saath, main tujhe miss bhi toh karungi na yaar. How will I manage Aahnik above that?
Sanchi: You haven't told him yet about shifting?
Sana: I haven't. He considers you his family and feels so attached to you, I know he will agree because he is way more mature than his age but mujhe toh pta hai na mera bacha dukhi ho jayega... How could I make him sad?

Sanchi: Babe what's wrong dude, you have been behaving as ... What do we say...... Why are you crying over spilt milk?

Sana: Wrong idiom meri jaan......
Sanchi: So what? You got what I wanted to say right.
Sana: Voh toh main bina idiom ke bhi samajh jaati na..... Jhalli.
Sanchi: Jha... Jhaa.. What's Jhalli?
Sana: Kuch nhi please abhi Ahluwalia ki file dhundh de..... I'm fed up of Mr. Raichand now.
Sanchi: Even I'm fed up of hearing about him from you.
Sana: Thank God I'm shifting permanently to India varna ye insaan toh pagal kar deta.
Sanchi: I will miss you babe but I'm so happy that you have decided to be back to your parents.
Sana(sarcastic laugh) : Oh please! I'm just going for Nidhi, pichle 5 saalon se she has been eating my brain to go back there.
Sanchi: Oh so I'm staying with a brainless person from past many years.

Sana just shook her head at Sanchi and started searching the file again when Mr. Raichand entered without a knock and saw that the whole room was a mess.

Sana: What the fuck bina knock kiye andar kaise aa gaye tum. Basic Atetiquates nhi hai ky....

She turned to actually look at who barged in and regretted when she saw Mr. Raichand there.

Sana: Mr. Raichand.... Voh... I... Mean.
Raichand: Mrs Aneja.
Sana(politely): Sir it's Ms. Singhania.
Raichand: Your Son is Aahnik Aneja right then...
Sana(sternly) : Sir it's my personal life and I have given no right to you to interfere in it.
Raichand: Whoa easy Mrs.... Ms. Singhania and btw the cabin looks like .... a piece of trash
Sana: For this I'm sorry but we were just finding the report of Mr. Ahluwalia.

Sanchi: Yeah I got it.... Hurray! See Babe here it was... What would have happened to you if I would have not been there for you..... Whoa O Woah....

I looked at him embarrassed because Sanchi was legit dancing in front of my boss in excitement.

Sana: Sorry Sir! She is just a little excited. Sanchi stay at a place yaar.
Sanchi: Oh Sorry....
Sana: Sir the file and I think I'm done with this so I can leave.
Raichand: Are you Sure you wanna resign Shehnaaz?
Sana: Pretty Sure Sir! And about your meeting in the AS Enterprises I have mailed you your schedule and all those important documents you required with legal NOC's and I'm done.
Sanchi: Sorry I'm disturbing but Sanu it's 2 I think Aahnik...
Sana: Tu neeche wait kar Sanchi I am just coming after cleaning this cabin.
Raichand: I need to talk to you before you leave.
Sana: Sure... But I think I will do this first
Sanchi: No... I mean we will be late Sanu, I will do this perfectly you should go and talk.
Raichand: My Cabin Ms. Singhania.

Sana: Kya yaar Sanchi you did Embarrassed me in front of me.
Sanchi: I got carried away by emotions bro.
Sana: Tu aur tera yeh bro jaan kha lo meri, side hat ab pta nhi kya reh gaya sun ne ke liye.

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