Chapter 6

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After hours of sitting on a bus. hoping that we don't run into a herd of zombies, we finally arrived at the south of England.

"Find a boat with the keys inside check the fuel and we will set off. Does anybody not want to come? Let me know now. I'm not turning back." I lead.

"No were all coming with you..." Harry implied.

"Aren't we!"

Every body nodded their heads in fear.

"Good!" I replied.

After about 10 minutes of searching, Sophie found that one of them had the keys in it already.

"Guys quick over here!" She called.

Everybody ran over to Sophie. She turned the keys and the boat started.

"Full tank!" She yelled.

"Since you found it, you should sale it. the GPS is working!" I demanded.

"But I can't drive!" She replied.

The boat started to move, a long journey was ahead.

The first 5 miles was fine until we fell into the eye of a storm.

"Hold on everyone!" I shouted.

Leighanna was slipping and peck was to.

"Leighanna grab on!" Megan shouted.

Peck was only holding on with one hand now, but no one realised except me and Danny. I couldn't reach him, but Danny could. The seconds went past and Peck was about to fall off.

"Help!" He screamed.

I tried to help him, but it was too late, he had already fell off the edge.

"Peck!" Francesca shouted.

"First my brother and now my cousin! Its me next," Francesca didn't get upset, she just got angry.

The storm had finally calmed, but we were one strong member down.

"Meeting in the captains room!" Harry called.

"I've decided that I don't want to stay in your group, its not because I don't like it, its because I have family out in America. They live on top of a hill; 10 foot height steel walls and barbed wire on the top and I know the code. You're more than welcome to come if you like," No body replied, I handed a bag of supplies to him and he went off to his room.

"Great another member down, when we get to America we need a place to stay. We can follow Harry for a bit, but we need some sort of base we will think of it when we get there." I said.

Another 48 hours on a boat and we can finally see the city of New York. They were everywhere. we circled the coast for a bit and then we hit a beach. There was none on there. This was the place to get off...

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